October 16, 2020

When Two Become One: the Design Process for Erica and Greg

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Agave of Sedona

Sedona, Arizona

February 1, 2020

When people think about wedding planners, they usually just think about the basics. This is a person who will help me reach out to vendors, make sure everything runs smoothly on my wedding day, and keep me task-focused. Although all of those are true, there’s so much more that goes into planning a couple’s wedding day. One of those things is design! 

A true wedding planner has the ability to visualize a space and completely transform it. Think of a wedding planner as a genie, cue “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera. We are basically making your dream come true! 

Erica and Greg’s Arizona wedding at Agave of Sedona in February, was one that had lots of symbolism and many hours of design work. When Erica first came to their wedding planner, Ashley, she had a ton of ideas. They picked the day 2/1/2020 because that is the day where 2 becomes 1. It was a special date to them. 

They wanted to keep that theme of 2 becoming 1 and implement it throughout the day.  Ashley says, “Erica is a planner. She is an organizational extraordinaire! So when it came to planning we wanted to make sure everything made sense and had a purpose. She is sentimental and thoughtful. On top of that, Erica is one of the most thoughtful gift givers I have ever met. So every element of the day needed to be just as thoughtful and sentimental.”

“Erica was naturally drawn to round elements when it came to design, but in my mind as the designer, I imagined two lines curving towards one another, becoming one circle. I know it sounds corny, but it spoke to the theme, “when two become one”.”

Ashley describes her process as, “When I am designing with a client, after we have established an overall feel for the day and a color palette, I like to start with the ceremony space. Erica and Greg loved round arches, and the three circles together represented their past present and future. In the reception space we wanted a few different designs to break up the space so we played with the circles as a centerpiece option in addition to a beautiful candle display and a head table design with some additional rounded elements. The cake was suspended from another gold ring. The bridesmaids even carried a bridal hoop instead of a traditional bouquet! The other design element that Erica loved was playing with the natural elements from the surrounding red rocks. The layering of the Sedona rocks provided the inspiration for the couples invitations as well as their escort display.  We took all these design ideas, made some sketches and brought together the right team to execute the vision.”  

Overall, design can be a collaborative experience like with Erica and Greg’s wedding or we can design a custom space for a couple. It really depends on the couples needs and how much time they want to put into their planning/designing. Our goal is to tell the couples unique story through a unique design of their day!

Do you have your design vision down? No problem! We will make sure to execute it with our other offers. We have a couple of different wedding packages to match your vision. 

We offer a full planning package which we call our complete wedding concierge service. This is for the couple that isn’t sure where to start or maybe they just don’t have the time to devote to planning a wedding, Your Jubilee will develop a complete design for your wedding from “yes” to “I do” and everything in between. We’ll guide you through the process and create a bespoke celebration that encompasses everything you are as a couple.

For the couple that has a specific vision for their special day, but needs some help connecting the dots, we have a partial planning package. Your Jubilee will be there throughout the entire planning process to connect you to excellent vendors and produce a one of a kind celebration. We call this wedding coaching!

For the couple that has everything done, you deserve to enjoy your special day with your family and bridal party! Leave the day of event details to Your Jubilee! We work with you for more than just the day of the event because to truly execute a seamless event, we need to make sure we know all the details and have confirmed those details with your entire creative team.  

From start to finish designing Erica and Greg’s wedding was a dream! We hope you enjoyed the behind the scene access and whatever you want to create we can make any vision become a reality! Here are some more amazing shots from Erica and Greg’s wedding!

Planner: Your Jubilee, Ashley

Venue: Agave of Sedona

Photography: Katrina Wallace Photographers

Florist: Avant Garde

DJ: Curtis Whipple

Catering: Creations in Cuisine

Rentals: Verve Rentals

Musician: Carrie Caruso Music

Hair & Makeup: Sedona Beauty Team

Photo Booth: Bloom Photo Booth

Stationary & Signage: Writing on the Walls

Linens: BBJ Linens

Rentals: Bright Event Rentals

Bakery: Sedona Bakery

Transportation: Red Rock Magic Trolley & Northern AZ Limo

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