October 23, 2020

Strike a Pose!

Unique & Classic Wedding Photos  

When you’re planning a wedding, you spend a lot of time making sure everything is absolutely perfect. Even though your wedding is only one day, the photos are what you’ll appreciate forever. When it comes to being in front of the camera and posing, it can be a little intimidating. Some couples know exactly what they want and some have absolutely no idea. 

Allison, from Allison Slater Photography advises, “When it comes to posing, the absolute best advice is way more simple than you think: DON’T stage your poses! 

It’s so important that you two feel comfortable at all times when having your photos taken, and that you feel 100% yourselves. Your photos should directly reflect you two and how you naturally interact together! The best way to do that is by simply just being together. Talk to one another, lean in and kiss whenever you want to, sway side to side, soak in the moment and hug one another closely. Use the time you’re in front of the camera for your photos, as a mental, emotional and physical escape for you two to just enjoy the moment and be present with one another – almost like a mini date-night time.”

“As a photographer, we help to guide you in creating comfortable and intimate moments together that actually feel like you, but incorporating those things you guys do naturally together. Listening to your favorite music in the background while spending this time together in front of the camera always helps to ease any anxiety and lets you two soak even deeper into the moment. You can even share a beer or some champagne to start out your time!”

We put together our favorite list of wedding photos. Whether you’re a goofy couple or a more classic couple, there are endless possibilities of photos you and your partner can take.

Here are some fun and silly poses…

Photo by Katrina Wallace Photographers 

Photo by Aaron Kes 

Photo by Olivia Markle 

Photo by Mary Claire Photography 

Photo by Allison Slater 

Photo by Chantel Breanne Photography

Here are some classic poses…

Photo by Cami Parker Photography

Photo by Ryan Nicole Photography 

Photo by Jaysn Valentine 

Photo by Lauren Buman Photography 

Photo by Kayla Fisher Photography 

So relax and have fun! Your photos reflect one awesome wedding day. You want to look back on these and remember the love, fun and priceless memories that can you cherish for years to come.

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