October 7, 2020

Spread Love, Not Germs

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Let’s be honest, this year has not gone as planned. When COVID19  hit, it really took a toll on the events industry. Having to postpone and cancel weddings was extremely difficult. We have cried on the phone with our brides, been angry, and felt a whole range of emotions. But during these times of uncertainty, we know one thing that would remain certain…love. Weddings are going to look a little different this year, so as wedding planners, we have a couple of suggestions on how to make you and your guests all feel comfortable and stylish on your wedding day! 

Sanitation stations are a great way for people to sanitize and mask up before heading into the ceremony. Check with your venues, some are requiring them and may offer complimentary masks or sanitizer. The stations do not mean they have to be boring! Here are some creative sanitation stations we have seen to draw inspiration from. 

Photo by Arli Quinn Photography

Photo by Sheyanne Lyn

One thing you can do is create comfort level color-coded wristbands. That way you can let your guests pick how much interaction they are comfortable with at your wedding. It works with masks, boutonnières, bracelets, ribbons or pins. The options are limitless with how to allow guests to graciously signal their comfort preferences. 

Jacin Fitzgerald 

Hand sanitizer is all the rage right now! If you’re thinking about guest favors, hand sanitizer is a cute and clean gift for your guests to take home and use. You can buy small hand sanitizers in bulk and order custom labels for them. Look at this Arizona wedding we coordinated last weekend!


For Your Party  

If you prefer that your guests wear masks, you want them to look stylish! Here are some custom wedding masks we have seen… 



While seating may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually huge considering the time guests will spend sitting at your wedding. Getting a little creative with social distancing we advise for ceremony to distance single chairs or mix it up by creating soft seating of 2-3 groupings. For reception, place households together with no more than six people at a table. This way guests can feel comfortable with their closest loved ones. 

June Plumm Events 

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Mikkel Paige 

Make it micro! Celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest family and friends. Just as the name suggests it’s a mix of an elopement and traditional big wedding. This is perfect for couples that can’t wait any longer to celebrate their love and can have all the elements of a traditional wedding just more intimate and unique. Interested in learning more? As wedding planners, we believe in offering flexibility and options because every event is special and love should still be celebrated even during these times. See our micro wedding package details here

Lastly, communication is essential. Letting guests know about safety precautions in advance of the wedding and establishing clear signage, helps set expectations for guest behavior. This is crucial to keeping all guests and vendors safe.  


Now time to have some good, clean fun! 

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