July 15, 2020

Ways to Incorporate Your Furbabies In Your Wedding

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It’s no secret that we are huge animal lovers. Almost everyone on our team has a dog, a cat, and one of our planners even has a hedgehog! When couples ask us if their pet should be in their wedding, our answer is always 110% YES. We’ve had flower dogs, ring bearer dogs, and even one dog as a witness when the couple signed their marriage license. (Sorry everyone, this is only legal in Colorado). Check out some photos from past weddings where dogs have stolen the show!

Photo by Kenz & Nick

A question we are asked a lot is what happens after they make their grand appearance during the ceremony? Who watches them and where do they go? 

Assign someone to take care of your dog before and during the ceremony. After the ceremony that person can take them home, give them to a pet sitter, or drop them off at a dog boarding center. If you’re staying at a hotel, check their pet policies to see if pets are welcomed, so your dog can hang out in your hotel room! 

There are many other adorable ways to include your dog or pet in your wedding if they can’t be there. One of the most popular options is naming a signature drink or food after them. Not only is it yummy, but the signage to go along with it is super cute! Take a look at some ways couples have honored their dogs on their wedding day!

Photo by Olivia Markle

The options are limitless and we think it’s a paw-fect detail to honor your furry friends.

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