July 13, 2020


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Welcome to the celebrated life episode 53, today we are continuing our series “Planning for Pandemic.” This episode is all about your creative team.  In today’s episode we talked to photographers, videographers, photo booths, bakers, DJ’s, and catering to get their take on how weddings will continue in Arizona. 


The challenge is not knowing the future. Some clients are having trouble deciding to book. Vendors have had clients postpone who had already paid in full, which can be hard on businesses since they moved to other significant Saturday’s. Vendors are doing their best to help the client understand the difference between postponement & canceling. Walked through the process with the client. We all joke that we are going through the 5-stages of grief with our clients! Now, there is no more shock of the postponement process like it was in the beginning. They understand and can work more efficiently with it now. 

Companies have had to hire more employees for the volume of weddings coming up this fall due to rescheduled events. Vendors are also eliminating guest contact whether it be servers serving, attendants taking the photos in the photo booth, or removing dessert bars.  Additionally, vendors are working hard to increase cleaning and sanitization in both their offices and on wedding days.


A lot of vendors are changing future contracts to help both the clients and themselves through COVID.  Some have added a clause to the contract that deposit is non refundable. Most vendors are allowing clients to postpone for an understandable reason.  The pursuit is to make people feel comfortable & being flexible. As of now, most vendors are just following what CDC is recommending. They are being careful not to make predictions & they are currently developing other styles of services.


In the wedding industry’s future, we are seeing a decrease in guest count. We are also seeing an increase in streaming weddings for those who are not able to make it. They can do it through Youtube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or even a private website link. There is an overall priority of getting married and not just the wedding. There will also be an increase in staff to accommodate changes, people wearing gloves and an increase in overall cleanliness. 

We hope these past 3 episodes have been helpful for couples who are looking to get married in the Arziona wedding market during this challenging time. These waters are hard for all of us to navigate and we just hope you know love is not canceled and the Arizona wedding industry vendors are excited to work with you on your wedding day! 








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