July 6, 2020


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Thank you for joining us for episode 52 of The Celebrated Life Podcast! We are continuing our series, Planning for a Pandemic, on the Arizona wedding market and what things are looking like as the state has reopened and what that means for the wedding and hospitality industry. 

Today we are talking through  “All Things Wedding Wear.” We started this series to help couples and vendors navigate this crazy time and know what to expect as the state of Arizona begins to open back up. 

Your wedding day wedding wear is one of the most important things to your day! Your dress or suit tells us, as planners, so much about your personal design esthetic. Are you whimsical, modern, are you adding pops of color to your suit or accessories? You may not be able to describe these elements well to your design team, but once they see your personal style they can help tie all the elements together.  


  • Shop for your wedding dress as soon as you can
  • The more specific and customized you want your dress or suit to be the farther out you need to start shopping and placing your order
  • Be sure to remember you need time for proper tailoring. When your dress or suit comes in, it will not fit you perfectly! You need time for alterations
  • Don’t bring a big entourage with you
  • Try it on and be sure to tell your stylist what you love and don’t love about the dress
  • Buy for your body now, not what you hope it to be on your wedding day
  • Guys, take time to know what you like- its ok to use Pinterest!

The process of buying a dress or suit and getting it fitted is also a very intimate process where it is almost impossible to be 6ft apart from someone else. So what are companies doing? We spoke with Celebrity Tux & Tails, Bella Lily Bridal, Tailored in White, and Bella Bridesmaids to get the best answers! 

Fittings have changed quite a bit. Most studios are limiting the number of guests a bride can bring to her appointment. This has been really hard for brides as this moment is usually shared with friends and family but studios need to think of their brides health and safety first. Honestly, the smaller parties have led to brides not feeling as stressed during their appointments. They can focus on the opinions of the few people with them and not feel overwhelmed. 

A lot of these stores are booking appointments and leaving space in between appointments to make sure everything is clean for the next couple that comes in.  Additionally, most are asking brides and their guests to wear masks during their appointments. We wear masks because we care. Clients have been so amazing and cooperative. 

As far as style, there has been a rise in more casual dresses, such as short dresses or jumpsuits that are used if a couple is still getting married, but postponing their reception. These dresses are used for brides who don’t want to show their wedding dress yet. 

Because most shops are currently not allowing brides and their guests to handle their floor samples, it is time to relay your likes and dislikes to the associate helping you. It is like when a bride hires a wedding planner and trusts that the day will run smoothly. They are the experts and they are happy to help!!

As we continue to move forward, all vendors are taking the safest steps to move forward and make sure you will look your best on your wedding day. Tailored in White is also making adorable face masks so be sure to check them out if you have not bought yourself one! Thank you to Celebrity Tux & Tails, Bella Lily Bridal, Tailored in White, and Bella Bridesmaids, be sure to follow them on social media!

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