June 29, 2020


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Welcome to the celebrated life podcast Episode 51! Today we started a new series called Planning for a Pandemic. We are diving into what is happening within the wedding industry in the state of Arizona as it is beginning to open back up and weddings start to happen again. We hope this information helps you through your wedding planning journey. 

We know times have been hard, stressful and uncertain. Your Jubilee has had to postpone or cancel 15+ weddings since March of 2020 and we want this Podcast Series to be a place for people to find information and guide couples through this time.  We know not everyone budgets for a planner and we feel like this is the time to give people whatever help we can.  So whether you had to postpone your wedding, you are recently engaged, or you are just curious about what is going on in the phoenix wedding market, this is the place for you!


One of the worst parts about this has been the first day a couple decides they need to postpone their wedding.  We’ve shared tears with a lot of our couples.  There is so much time and emotional energy that goes into planning a wedding and when you are forced to change that vision, it sucks.  But it gets better from there.  

Some businesses need to charge rescheduling fees to sustain and still be around for your wedding while others may not. Some businesses may ask to keep the same payment schedule so they can stay in business during this crazy time. 

If you have a planner, lean into them, let them take the lead! They have worked and built relationships with your vendors and can make sure communication is clear and the “plan B” is the best option for you and them. Your planner is the captain of the ship during this time, you hired them for a reason, let them do what they know how to do- plan! 


As the state opens up, venues are starting to see summer weddings and events happen. So, what is happening with Arizona venues and what does the future look like?  

Venue coordinators are not in the office everyday and they are working from home without all the resources they would normally have.  Please have patience with them and understand that restrictions and changes to their policies are for the good of you and your guests, their staff and the creative teams that are working on the property.  We are all trying to figure out the balance between our moral obligations and our ability to keep our businesses afloat.  

Most venues are asking all vendors to wear a mask and some are even asking guest to wear a mask. Most venues are temperature checking now as well as well as incorporation sanitizing stations. 

Venues will start leaning away from buffets and they will lean towards having stations with servers. They may need to add additional staff to accommodate the serving style like possibly adding silver lids to a plated dinner.

Most site tours will now require masks. They might have every door open so guests don’t have to touch anything. Venues have been playing around with seating arrangements to accommodate social distancing throughout the building depending on occupancy restrictions if they are given.  In the future, we may see the ballroom capacities lower making guest counts lower. We are also starting to see micro weddings and elopements becoming more popular. 

Remember things are evolving and changing, venues may have to change their policies a few times before getting it right. The wedding industry is made up of mostly small businesses who are trying to do the right thing by their clients, so please be flexible and have grace. Grace and kindness all around will help us all get through this together.

Photos: Rachael Koscica

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