September 10, 2018

Ep. 13: Skin Hacks with Beauty By Alicia

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On this week’s Podcast, we are welcoming Alicia Neal with beauty by Alicia.  She is our go-to beauty gal and teaches us everything about what we should be doing to achieve flawless skin.  In this episode, we will talk about all the services she provides and the three simple things you can be doing at home.  She gives great advice to those who are on a budget and the natural ingredients to can find in your own kitchen that can improve your skin.  Alicia also gives advice on her favorite products, oncology skin care, and feeling confident and beautiful.

Alicia was not always the beauty guru that we know and love.  She jokes that when she was younger she was dirty and gross! She talks about how she never brushed her hair and would brush her teeth in two seconds as a child. As she got into her teenage years, she had trouble with acne and found that she could see the health of her skin getting better through facials more than the medication given by doctors. Alicia is from a small town where there wasn’t even a beauty school around.  When she moved to San Diego she was down the street from a beauty school and it didn’t take long for her to sign up to learn more.


Now Alicia offers all the popular beauty treatments.  She has been doing skincare for 14 years and is skilled in personal facials, Chemical peels, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, and beauty enhancements such as lashes and spray tans.  She is filled with at home beauty knowledge and understands that it can be such a struggle to find good products to use at home. She says that typically if she can’t read the first 3 words on a product, she’ll put it back on the shelf.  Alicia also has a huge piece of advice to people who are in their 20’s: start using an eye cream.

She gives three simple tricks that you should be doing at home to help with clear beautiful skin.

  1.     Pick a good cleanser that is made for your skin type and cleanse for 2 minutes
  2.     Exfoliate with a light granule 30 seconds to a minute, 2 to 3 times a week
  3.      Use a good moisturizer

“If you are a woman who wants to have a good skin care regimen but you’re on a budget, the best source is your kitchen.”

Alicia says that natural skin care can be so easy and amazing for your skin.  Think about it, we eat things every day to nourish us, it will do the same for our skin!  These are some great natural finds that can help clear, moisturize, and slow down the aging of the skin:

  •      Raw Honey: a great mask to soothe, heal, and hydrate it
  •      Brown Sugar: natural exfoliating scrub
  •      Grind oatmeal to a dust and mix with banana: soften, moisturize, and make you glow
  •      Egg Whites: the protein will help tighten and firm your skin
  •      Avocado: Oils will penetrate deep into your skin to soften and moisturize


Alicia was working with a cancer survivor that was getting eyelash extensions.  She wishes she could have been more of a support system for her to help her more during her treatments.  She started learning that there are oncology approved treatments for skin care and makeup that are more natural.


She loves the idea of being around like-minded women.   She  is a co-chair for the young-women’s forum in the YWCA.  We agree that for women to be change makers they have to feel good and having healthy skin is a great place to start.

She feels her most beautiful when she feels good about her skin and feels the most confidence in herself.  When talking about social media she says, “How many times did it take them to take that picture.” We need to remember that on Instagram and online there is filters, Photoshop, and makeup.  

“The real beauty comes from being happy and just loving who you are.”

Bettering yourself can easily make you feel good and enhancing your beauty is something that will make you feel confident and feel great!



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