September 3, 2018

Ep. 12: Education, Community and a Little Wine with Ryan Reed

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In this episode of The Celebrated Life, we had the opportunity to interview and bond with our friend Ryan Reed from Ryan Nicole Photography.  Ryan is an spunky individual who isn’t afraid to show her authentic personality in her business and to her clients. She is a mom, a lover of wine, and an explorer. She recently even recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary with with a vow renewal in Paris- swoon!  This podcast will give you her input on starting her business, advice on photography, and how she keeps the love alive with her hubby. We are excited to welcome our friend, Ryan!


Ryan started photography almost by accident.  She wasn’t home when UPS dropped off her new camera so the delivery person left it at her next-door neighbors.  After a while of dreading going over  to grab her new gear and making small talk with a couple she barely knew, she finally walked over and found out her neighbor, Jennifer, was a valley wedding photographer.  The two became fast friends, bonding over her desire to learn photography. Soon Ryan began to work for Jennifer as an assistant and worked 28 weddings that first year.

Before Ryan made her photography debut in November 2010, she was an intelligence analyst for Phoenix Police Department.  Safe to say she has a pretty intense/badass background story.


She loves images.  When it comes to history, she loves that images give context to what she is learning.   When she was in high school she used to go through all her mom’s photos and organize them. She embarrassingly admits this, but it shows her that her love for photographs has always been a part of her life. When it comes to weddings, Ryan loves capturing and solidifying emotion in history.  

“The excitement, the stress. the unknown of wedding days is so fun.”

She says that things have definitely changed over the last 10 years. Ryan says that she used to go overboard with editing, but she now edits her work to be as close to what the natural eye would see to make her work timeless.

When asked what advice she would give to photographers just starting out, she says, education and community.

“Without education I would be exactly where I started.”  

Ryan still believes education is a huge part of her career, she is constantly educating herself and challenging herself so she does not get stuck in the habit of doing things in just one way.  Community is great because she has people to talk to to share stories, struggles and successes with. She goes to a breakout session for photographers and creatives that helps her relate to others going through the same things she is. She says it is so important for her to learn from those before her to grow and be prepared. When she talks about her realness on social media, Ryan says she wanted to showcase her authentic self to her couples.


Ryan and her husband just celebrated their 10-year anniversary.  She says the secret to keeping the love alive is letting him buy her lingerie! She loves to joke about some of the things he picks out, but knows stepping out of the fleece she is comfortable in and into something a little sexy, keeps the spark going.  She also noted that a big piece of relationships is coming from a positive mindset to understand and recognize when you’re wrong.

“Being in a marriage, you know each other’s most vulnerable aspects and that’s critical that you don’t use those for hurt.”

She says that learning to have the best intentions and knowing your partner has the best intentions is critical.  Additionally, traveling is a huge part of their life. They love talking about the travels they have done before and what they have planned in the future. It is where they feel inspired and the most in love.

Ryan’s daughter, Chloe, is a confident and understanding nine-year-old.  Chloe learns so much from her mom, a feminist, on how appreciate your differences and be yourself.  She wanted Chloe to understand,

“no matter what, you’re still worthy of love.”

Ryan also teaches Chloe how everyone is different.  She talks with her about all different types of people and teaches her to always show respect. With all the independence Ryan is teaching her, Chloe has seriously asked to go to boarding school!  Chloe is so well-spoken and independent for a nine-year-old. We’ll be keeping an out for her because she will do great things.

Ryan is such a genuine person that is truly an open book.  She showcases her authentic self to everyone around her which is why she’s been able to work with some amazing couples (including a handful of our couples including Meagan’s twin sister and husband).



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