August 27, 2018

Ep. 11: Lindsey Schwartz, Powerhouse Woman

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Today we are so pumped to be talking to Lindsey Schwartz, the best selling author of Powerhouse Woman and founder of the Powerhouse Women Event.  Lindsey has been both learning from others and coaching women how to act on ideas and get out of their own way.  Since her book she has inspired women to build the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and do the things they love.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired to follow what your inner self has been calling you to do. Lindsey is such an insightful woman and we are so excited to share her story to you all. Introducing Lindsey Schwartz!

Lindsey started her first “big girl job” in carpet sales.  While she enjoyed the opportunities presented to her and the connections she made, the job didn’t fill her soul and she knew she was purposed to do more.  She knew that there were other people out there making a living doing thing they love. Lindsey always loved health and well-being. She wanted to do something that would serve others.  So she asked herself an important question. 


This question began to make and impact in Lindsey’s life when she decided to do a fitness competition. She was never a girl with a lot of confidence, but she wanted to challenge her body and mind in a way that she saw so many beautiful women do.  She wanted a certain level of health and wellness and knew that by entering herself into a competition she would challenge herself to get there.

Confidence is something that she has always worked on. It doesn’t always come naturally and sometimes she has to take a step back and access it.  Lindsey says that confidence is something anyone can tap into with some effort. When she is in situations where she doesn’t feel the confidence that she knows she possesses, she asks herself,

“What tool do I have right now that I’m not using.”  

She applied the questions to other areas of her life and realized that it brought her out of her comfort zone and got her to do some amazing things.


Lindsey had so many ideas, but she never followed through with them.  She was speaking with her friend and telling her all her ideas to help women get into action with their own callings and get out of their own way, her friend asked, “if you don’t write that book who’s going to.”  That day, Lindsey was also given support from her husband, she realized “it was nothing more than someone else seeing something bigger in me.”

“The spoiler alert is no one else has it all together.”  

No one else knows exactly what they’re doing either and everyone is experiencing their own setbacks.  It is amazing to look at your own life with this mentality to help to bring comfort to your life. She knew bringing this message to her book was important to help others act on the things they wanted to do.  The Powerhouse Women event started from her drive to build a community. When she wrote her book, she wanted to bring together a community to start a conversation and share ideas. Lindsey hopes that the event will inspire women to get into action on their own ideas.

Lindsey believes that celebration in her life comes from the littlest things!  She loves to give herself 10 minutes to just focus on gratitude. We love this idea and know how important it is for everyone to just stop and appreciate what they have right now in this moment.  Most of the time we reach a goal and then look to what’s next instead of celebrating all that was accomplished. Take ten minutes, feel grateful, be the powerhouse woman you are.

Get to know Lindsey in person at the Powerhouse Women Event, September 8, 2018 at Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale.  Tickets are available HERE



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