August 20, 2018

Ep. 10 Sweating Sexy Back with Raquel Kahn of Fit 6-7-8

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Raquel Kahn is all about getting sassy and sexy on the reg.  She opened up her dance studio, Fit 6-7-8, after years working as an engineer and is so happy with the changes she has made.  Fit 6-7-8 opened in January 2018 and is (luckily) down the street from our office. Raquel wanted to build a space that builds confidence and relies on empowering women.

In this episode, we will talk to Raquel about the life changes she made to get to her happy and how it involves teaching others to own their sexy each and every day.  Raquel is truly a great human who is energized off her dancers. Plus, her killer Vixen Workout is an AZ gem that women in the valley need to try. We welcome to the floor, the head vixen herself, Raquel Kahn!


Raquel has been dancing since she was a little girl.  She continued all through high school and in college, on the side.  She also danced for some professional companies in Houston. When she began thinking about college she did not think that dance was a practical major and instead chose the practical major of Mechanical Engineering. Since her graduation, she has worked in solar energy, oil, and tech stuff in the Silicon Valley Area. She started as a field engineer for a company in the boondocks of Argentina where she says she was the only girl for miles.  Although she had a hard time constantly surrounded by men, she credits this experience to her desire to build up women and truly create confidence for others.

When her now fiancé was accepted into a master’s program at ASU, they started talking about her options to move to Phoenix. One bribe led to another and they moved out to Arizona together after deciding that she would open a studio in the valley and finally work a job she loves.  Raquel says she was nervous starting this new adventure because she had no following in AZ and didn’t know how she would get clients. But after working for CrossFit for some time, Raquel found a space that she could see as a studio and made the leap to build Fit 6-7-8.


The Vixen Workout: A dance workout that is based on commercial dancing like the VMAs or what you would see in a Beyoncé music video. It is a certified workout that makes you feel like the star of the show. Believe us when we say it will make you feel so sexy you’ll go home and feel like Rhianna.  She is the only Vixen workout certified instructor in AZ and it’s a class you don’t want to miss out on. The workout is high energy and a lot of cardio, we promise it will leave you out of breath, but it makes you feel confident and full of life. It’s Feminine, it’s sexy, it’s fierce.

“The confidence that they build in this studio can stay with them and they can radiate that in their everyday life.”

Raquel feels women are lacking a fitness area to be comfortable to get in a good workout. She also says there are a ton of dancers who genuinely don’t feel good about themselves and their bodies.  She thinks her class perfectly fills this gap to bring them happiness. Additionally, FIT 6-7-8 hosts Buti Yoga, Zumba, Barre classes, and Swelter Dance Bootcamp. She hopes to get to a point I her business where she can bring in more instructors with different styles.  Right now, she is teaching majority of her classes and says, “it’s a lot of caffeine.” Raquel wants her classes to teach and give her students confidence that they will radiate into their everyday lives.


If we haven’t gotten this across yet, Raquel’s studio is about feeling like the star of the show. In our daily lives, most of the time we don’t get to feel like the star of our own show.  “I want these women to feel from the inside out, they’re brought to life or they get to find a piece of themselves that they lost or that they maybe never really felt like they had.” Raquel was in a male dominating field that she did not have women interactions.  She wasn’t doing anything that she loved and she felt like she wasn’t herself anymore. When she decided to open her own company, she was the one that felt like everyone would think, are you kidding me. She was surprised to find it was all in her head and her family and friends were so supportive.

Raquel knows that this negativity is what we need affirmations for and whether it is before her class or before your day you need to say:

“Yes, I’m Sexy. Yes, I’m fierce. Yes, I got this.”



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