August 13, 2018

EP 09: Everything Bridal Gowns with Brenda Inclan of Bella Lily Bridal

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We met this guest back in 2015 when Meagan’s twin sister was engaged and looking for a wedding dress. Lauren had seen a dress in the back of one of Bella Lily Bridal’s photos and knew it was the one.  Since 2015, Brenda Inclan’s adorable boutique continues to grow and is the perfect spot to add to your wedding dress search!

In this episode, we will talk trends, picking the perfect dress, and living with a grateful heart.  She knows so much about the wedding gown industry and can help any bride find their perfect dress.


Brenda graduated and started a career in Real Estate.  She began her love for dresses after her own wedding and the love never went away.  To get her wedding fix while working her corporate job, she would help of day of coordination with a wedding planner.  She says the everytime,

“my heart kept going to the gown.”

When it came down to the shop, she wanted to keep her brides in mind.  She wanted a mix of traditional styles as well as some smaller designers.  Brenda opened the shop with about 40 dresses and continued to add more and more.  She loves that she can see new trends first and gets to shop at the bridal market for her future brides.  To this day, she still carries both commercial designers as well as smaller designers to keep a variety in the boutique.

Her brides make her day even more wonderful.  Besides all the beautiful gowns she gets to see on a daily basis, Brenda loves the moments she gets to share with her brides.  She gets to be involved in one of the biggest moments of the bride’s and her family’s life and help make them make amazing memories

“Its great. It’s like my home away from home.”


Brenda notices things that maybe the bride doesn’t even realize such as facial expressions or Brenda’s favorite, the bridal twirl.  She loves that she can help each woman go with what their heart wants. Additionally, she knows how to guide a bride to the right dress when she gets them to try on new things. A dress consultant and a bride need to be a team, the consultants job is to pay attention.

She has a few suggestions for brides looking for their wedding dress.   She hopes brides remember to enjoy the moment. This should be a beautiful and exciting part of the wedding planning process, you should not be stressed!  Next, she says before even coming in, she wishes brides would talk to their entourage and tell them that while shopping, she wants them to be there to support her.  She hopes brides can tell them to be her cheerleader not, not a critic. So when you go into your next dress consultation, listen to what your consultant has to say or recommends, it’s worth it!

Brenda finishes this podcast talking about how her celebration in life comes from being grateful for it.  She embraces every moment and stays aware of every little part of her day that makes her life so good. She wakes up every morning thanking God for her blessed life and says, “I’m so lucky to be alive.”  It is so important to her to celebrate the small things, even her husband bringing her coffee in the morning.



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Set up an appointment to visit her boutique on the corner of 59th Avenue and the 101.

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