September 17, 2018

Ep 14: Serendipity in Life and Film with Taryn Pollock

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Today we want to welcome Taryn Pollock an inspiring mom and business owner who has so much advice and insights for aspiring business owners.  Her inspirational outlook on taking chances and doing things that make you happy is so amazing and will make you believe in self-care and balance.  She lives by the motto of forty and fabulous and has learned that she needs to do things just for her, like boating and country swing dance. In this episode, we will talk about her courage of jumping from a high paying job into opening her own company, her business advice, and PANDAS.



Majored in broadcasting with a minor in business and when she graduated and started her career, she hated it. She got herself into sale starting with advertising and then going into pharmaceutical sales and realized that sales was her passion. She worked with her husband at the time who was a videographer to film her friend’s wedding.  Realizing they were at a crossroad in their life, she walked away from her six-figure income to welcome Serendipity Cinematography with a team of videographers.

One of the most inspiring things about Taryn is the fact that she is not afraid to admit she is not great at everything.  A lot of times when running a business, you feel like you should oversee all aspects of it, Taryn on the other hand comes to terms that hiring people whose strengths are her weaknesses is what makes her business so strong.  Taryn says by hiring people to do things that are not in her skill set she has could work in this industry for 13 years and has no plans to stop.

Additionally, she opened her next business with fall of the economy in Arizona.  So many couples, during that time, needed price points that would not fit their packages, that’s where Simply Cinema started.  Simply Cinema allowed people on a smaller budget or those who don’t want to invest a lot of money to have quality videography experiences. She calls it her Nordstrom Rack to her Nordstrom.

“I believe we’re right where we’re supposed to be.  Even in those icky moments where things are just falling apart, you’re right where you’re supposed to be.”


#1 You need an exit strategy.  For her and a lot of other women, she did not want that fact that she was running a business stop her from having a family.  In her example, she plans to grow her business until one of her kids can grow into the business and take over while she takes a royalty from it.  This is so genius because it gives her a future event to both work towards and look forward to instead of focusing just on day to day circumstances which could cause burn out.

#2 You need a growth strategy.  Hers was to create teams. This piggybacks off what we said earlier about how Taryn is not afraid to hire people to help her and fill in the gaps that she is not skilled in or not interested in.  She says by doing this, a business owner will not only love each day of work, but it will allow them to also have a life outside of their business.

#3 Knowing how to sell your product.  It doesn’t matter what you’re making if you can’t sell it. Take your initial consultation with a potential client as a time to be fun, ask questions, and be informative.


Taryn’s 13th year old son is a bright, athletic, social, and outgoing kid. After a week of Taryn and her daughter having strep, everything came to a halt. In the flip of a switch, Briar started having extreme separation anxiety, couldn’t eat, had panic attacks, did not want to be at school.  It was a complete 180˚. She decided to see her naturopath before opting to medicate her pre-puberty son and found out he has PANDAS, or pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with strep. Um what? Basically, Briar’s body misinterpreted strep and triggered an autoimmune response that made his brain attack itself and swell.  

PANDAS is not an established disorder that has a single treatment.  After antibiotics and only making him a little better, they tried changing his eating habits and Briar is now 95% back to his normal self.  Unfortunately, this is a disorder that can continue to occur with the presence of strep, but as he grows his body should be able to start making the antibodies to fight it off.   She says that “the PANDAS journey has made me very grateful.” She says that it has shown her how to shift her perspective and find the good.

“When something does bother me, I’ve learned a skill where now I look at it and say how can I see this differently so that it doesn’t hurt.”

Taryn is now at a point where she advocates for PANDAS and wants to help others with PANDAS and their family recognize the symptoms. She understands all the people that could be currently dealing with misdiagnosis so she tries to share her story and open other’s eyes.

If you want more info about PANDAS head to:

After a crazy year, Taryn can still walk in a room with a smile on her face and share her advice to help others.  We are inspired by her ability to balance her not one, but two companies, her two children, boat club, country swing dancing amongst many other things. While it may seem like a lot, her ability to balance is what makes her love her life so much.



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