September 24, 2018

Ep 15: Baking with Balance, Andrea Tuck of A Bakeshop Shares Her Story

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In this episode of the Celebrate Life Podcast we are happy to introduce you to Andrea Tuck, a self-taught baker and owner of a Bakeshop.  Her bakery is nestled in central Phoenix where they bake fresh treats on the daily. Andrea did not always think she would grow to have her own bakery, she graduated from ASU with a Global Business and Marketing degree.

 Shortly after graduation, Andrea started waitressing for her mom’s Italian restaurant where she was constantly baking fresh pastries. One thing led to another and she spent every day baking for her own clients out of the restaurant kitchen!  She began to feel this sid hussle was outgrowing the sharing a space and she knew she had to either take a leap into starting a business outside of her mom’s restaurant or move on to other things. As fate would have it, they soon saw a for sale sign on the door for a space in a building in Central Phoenix and called right away.  Andrea signed within a week and a Bakeshop was created.

“It definitely was a learning experience. We laugh now, but looking back when I was in it, it was very stressful”



You need to go in and check out their extensive menu since they can pretty much bake everything sweet.  In addition to their cakes, cookies, and frosted shortbread, Andrea brings out her Italian background and makes the most delicious Cassata cake.  She says this is probably her favorite treat to eat. Macarons are her top-selling product which explains why it has been titled “Best in the Valley.” Andrea seriously can do anything.  She gets inspiration from all over to make in her cakes. She even did a six-tier cake and drove it two hours away to Tucson for an event.

One of her most stunning cakes took nearly a month to prepare!  They made a cake and detailed fondant to look just like they bride’s dress.  They worked on all the details starting a month before the wedding and then baked the cake a day before and put it all together.  She loved watching her couple enjoy it the day of.  Take a peak at this beauty below!


Andrea has a two year old son, Lorenzo.  We always are in awe of how she is able to balance her life owning her business, working on weddings during the weekend and still make solid time with her son and husband.  She says,

“It’s really important to try to find your balance.”

To keep her balance with her 2 year old, she takes two days off during the week and Sundays with her husband and son.  They decided together that it was the best thing to do to be a family and worked it out with her team at a Bakeshop to set them up for success without her.


Andrea has always had a really strong passion for different cultures and traveling.  She spent a month living in Panama getting to know the people and learning to live in different ways.  She is inspired by the way people live life in different parts of the world and loves to adapt those practices.  Her sister lives in Italy where she has visited and fully immersed herself into the culture and everyday life.  She loves the simple lifestyle habits she fell in love with in Panama and Italy.

We are so lucky to have had such great conversation getting to know Andrea a little more.  She is such a sweet soul and truly a badass mom and business owner! We are excited to share her story and hope that you love it as much as we do!  After seeing all these delicius treats, your mouth is probably watering like ours- check out the info below to find out more about A Bakeshop.


Location: North East corner of 16th Street & Bethany Home in the Bethany Plaza.


Instagram: @abakeshop

Facebook: a Bakeshop

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