July 16, 2018

Ep. 05: Flowers, Ghosts and Manifesting with Nicole and Selena of The Wildflower AZ

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Today we got lucky enough to interview both the mother and daughter creative masterminds of The Wildflower AZ.  It was so unbelievably fun to have them both in studio to share their insights on working together, working as florists, and sharing all their positive vibes. Anyone who knows the duo personally, knows that they are both very spiritual and have had experiences with ghosts in their dreams or in symbols of their everyday life. If you have ever been interested in flower design, ghosts, or a positive mentality, this is the episode for you. Get excited for this one, we are so excited to introduce Nicole & Selena!


The business didn’t just start with the Nicole.  Their family comes from a long line of florists starting with her grandparent’s flower shop, Blumen Rothmire.  If you are counting like we were, that is 4 generations of beautiful florists. After Nicole’s grandparents, her mom who moved from Europe to Pasadena, California where she became a flower designer for celebrities like Julie Andrews.  Her home base was Jacob Maarse, a flower shop still standing in the heart of Pasadena.

Photo by Aaron Kes

Nicole tells us how she was always creative. While working at Starbucks, one of her friends was working at a flower shop which helped her get her foot into the door for her passion.  Nicole began to work for the flower shop and would take flowers at night to bring home and work on her own creations. Soon after, another floral shop was looking for a floral designer, and without knowing much, Nicole snuck her way in and began to learn the art of designing florals.

The Wildflower AZ was always a dream for Nicole, but her daughter, Selena, did not start out the same way.  Selena says she “didn’t know that was [her] passion until she threw [her] into it.” And so, the generations continue, it’s like flowers run in their veins. They are both open to new creatives and have such high interest in watching others learn their art.

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett

Since September 2017 the pair has done pieces for 233 weddings.  The mother-daughter team says that being able to find the balance together is a huge reason they are so successful.  But if they could give you two pieces of advice to create balance as a team, the first would be to tell brides to trust them. Florist can lead anyone using their services to unique and remarkable designs. Second for you Arizona brides, don’t use hydrangeas or succulents.  They are beautiful, but so impractical.


This is something we always get caught up in with Nicole and Selena.  We truly find it so fascinating and love to hear their stories and share ours.  Call it Energy, call it God, call it Luck, Nicole just wants to be surrounded by positive vibes.  We were lucky to have the duo talk a little bit about some of their experiences. It is so cool. Nicole says,

“We were not created not to be happy.”  

For each of us it could mean something different and for each of us we can be happy by doing different things. For Nicole & Selena it is focusing their energy on the positives in life knowing that focusing on negativity will only bring more negativity to them.

The coolest part is that Nicole and Selena take their energy into their work space and with other employees and vendors. They believe walking into a room with a positive attitude will set the tone for the rest of the day.


We are so excited about this podcast; we could tell stories for hours.  Both Nicole and Selena are so fun and good spirited. Listen in, to hear stories of their actual run in with ghosts as well as Ashley’s perspective on luck.  The Wildflower AZ is such a joy for vendors to work with and not to mention have some stunning floral designs. Take it from two people that have tried, what The Wildflower AZ does is not easy.

Their new shop is opening on Camelback Road and 7th Street next to Flower Keepsakes, Sugar Sugar, and Coffee Zona, which sounds like a bridal dream. Go ahead and visit them there to see the shop or follow them on social media!


Website: http://www.thewildfloweraz.com/

Instagram: @thewildflowerAZ

Facebook: /thewildfloweraz 

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