July 23, 2018

EP. 06 Wedding Planing and Life Planning with Jennifer Starr

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In this episode, we are bringing to the office Jennifer Starr behind J Starr Stylized Weddings.  Jennifer is truly a super human as a veteran in the industry and someone so many planners look up too.  We will talk weddings, chaos, and loving your partner and kids.

Jennifer has been working in the wedding industry for over 12 years and has so much experience under her belt, it is truly impressive.  She has nailed her marketing strategy to attract couples that work with her so well and is happy to be transparent to make each experience even better.  We are so excited for you to hear what she has to say, without further ado, Jennifer Star.


Jennifer always wanted to be a part of event production, she remembers talking about it her whole life but never knew how to get into it.  When she finished college, she started a job at a golf & country club and eventually got into the member events coordinator and worked her way into the private events position. After doing eight years in corporate catering sales, she knew it was time to get into weddings and open her own company.

She credits growing in the event industry to being a Catering Sales Manager.  She says all the high stress moments taught her so much about the industry and made her realize why she wanted to open her own business.  Opening J Starr Stylized Weddings came from Jennifer’s desire to work closer with the couples and making their visions come true.

She has now been working in the wedding industry for over 12 years.  She loves to savor the energy in each wedding and works hard to remember each part of the wedding including sound, sight, and all aspects to create that experience.


Jennifer says that she shares a lot about who she is with others.  She is not afraid to hold back and she shares experiences about her job, family, and friends to others.  Because of this she can market herself authentically through Personality Marketing. It helps attract the people and couples that are drawn to her personality and repel others who would not mesh as well.  She has learned that being transparent about life with her couples has made each experience that much greater.


When her family began to grow, she knew that her company had to grow with it.  Now, as a family of five, she has hired on her own team to help her business run while also balancing her husband and kids.  

“Being an event planner and being a mom, actually they’re one and the same.”

She says that being able to react in each situation and adapt quickly has prepared her for parenthood.


Jennifer says that the stress of a wedding always comes a day or two before the actual event day.  She says that is when she is double checking every detail, every note she has just to make sure she is fully prepared.  The morning of the wedding her and her husband have problem solved to work to get the kids out of the house so she can relax and get everything ready or be available for her couples. This helps her stay fresh and calm when problems arise so she is prepared to tackle anything that comes her way.

We have enjoyed talking to Jennifer about all she has accomplished.  She knows that to be happy you can accomplish the little things to get you there. 

“Living your best life, you have to know what that is,”

Your happy is constantly changing!  We loved having the opportunity to talk with Jennifer and loved the advice she had about both weddings and families. Don’t forget to check out all her accomplishments online!


Website: jstarrweddings.com

Instagram: @jstarrstyle

Facebook: @jstarrstylizedweddings

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