July 9, 2018

Ep. 04 Getting Real About Babies, Broadcasting and Brides with Priscilla Kleim

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This week we are so excited to talk and celebrate with a guest who may sound very familiar to AZ locals. Priscilla Kleim is the amazing morning co-host on The Mix 96.9 FM and a former YJ bride!  In addition to all the joy she brings through our speakers each morning, she, alongside her husband, will now be gracing the cover of Arizona Weddings Magazine for the two-month issue releasing in August.

In this episode, we were lucky enough to catch up with Priscilla and talk to her about her favorite memories from her wedding day nearly 7 months ago. We can all agree it seems like yesterday!  Her wedding was truly breathtaking. And we’re not talking about the beautiful florals throughout the venue, the intimate farmhouse sweetheart table, or ever the cute beer burro, we’re talking about all the moments that shined between her and Michael, as well as with her beautiful girls Lyla and Jax.

Listen along as we get real with Priscilla about finding balance between her job and kids, social media expectations versus the reality of life, and men in flip flops.  Let us introduce Priscilla Kleim!


If you haven’t started already, you need to be listening to Priscilla co-host on Matthew Blades in the Mornings. It is a perfect morning pick me up.  Listeners to the radio show love her because of her ability to keep it real and always leave them laughing. It is always fun to talk about her experiences on the radio and see her true passion for what she does despite the early mornings on the show and late evenings with her children.

Priscilla started out like a lot of us, she worked a 9-5 office job and decided that was not the direction she wanted her life to go.  She was able to go back to school and decided she wanted to get into broadcasting. Her first steps in the world of radio was a job as a remote tech working for multiple talents, one being Matthew. When Matthew needed a new host, Priscilla stepped in for what they thought would be short term.  He knew he liked her personality after working with her a for a blind date bit on his show previously. The rest is history. Since her debut, Priscilla has been co-hosting for Matthew Blades in the Morning sharing knowledge, laughs, and that local love.

As an Arizona native herself, Priscilla loves to get involved with local schools and raises money through their show.

“That’s what we are, we’re just a local vibe.”

Her life gets a little crazy when it comes to her early mornings for the show and her two-and-a-half-year-old and thirteen-year-old daughter.  She says she relies a lot on naps, coffee, and the simple fact that she loves her job.


We have already mentioned how real Priscilla is, but once again, it is such a breath of fresh air having someone share the real-life of raising a family.  She understands that not every moment is going to be picture perfect and acknowledges that messy hair is still Instagram worthy. Here are a few takeaways from Priscilla’s Parenting and Relationship Insights:

  • When speaking about her husband, Priscilla says they need to hang out.  They need to not feel guilty letting someone watch their kids so they can enjoy a night together and enjoy just being with each other.  “It’s important to not just love your spouse, but to like them.”
  • A night out drinking is so not worth it, pace yourself, having a baby and being hungover is the last thing she would want to do. Note taken.
  • As a woman, you don’t have to be x, y, and z to fit in. Instead work to be yourself and especially on social media she doesn’t forget to be real.  She makes sure to be authentic to herself and not compare her life to the lives of others.


“It was the best day of my life.”

Just as it’s supposed to be.  She beams of happiness talking about this day, occasionally tears up thinking of the special moments, and laughs about the unimportant things she once thought were a big deal.

A Priscilla and YJ favorite moment was when Lyla, her daughter, walked her down the aisle and was overcome with joy thinking about starting their life officially with Michael.  It’s all about perspective she says, she could go back tell you all the things that went wrong but none of it took away from her experience of loving Michael and her kids.

After the wedding was over and their life proceeded as husband and wife, they were selected as Reader’s Choice for Arizona Weddings Magazine.  This includes a 3-page spread and the cover for the months of August and September. Signed copies will be available upon request or passed out on Halloween, just kidding.

One point we loved hearing from Priscilla was the advice she’d have for other brides: don’t stress about the seating arrangement.  Looking back at her day and thinking about all the time she put into where people were sitting, she says, “who cares… being a bride, I never paid attention to who was where, I just remember hanging out with everyone.”  Not to mention, this seems to go hand in hand with the way she experiences life. She makes sure to not put too much pressure on things that aren’t actually important. Of course, every bride wants their wedding to be beautiful, but Priscilla knew stressing less about centerpieces and dinner would make raw moments of love shine.

We love her insightful perspective and would like to wrap this up with a quote from Priscilla that we should all think about and implement more in our day to day lives.



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