June 28, 2018

Ep. 01 What is The Celebrated Life

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We started our journey back at a happy hour.  We both had our separate jobs that we didn’t fully love and knew we were at a time in our lives where we could stay comfortable or take a chance.  After a few glasses and goal setting, one thing led to another and we started our now 4 year old wedding and events planning company, Your Jubilee!  Since that happy hour, we have been able to turn our idea into an 8 person (and growing) company, worked with over 80 couples, and cultivated our message.

It’s pretty simple… LIFE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED.

We wanted a way to live our purpose of a celebrated life.  We wanted to connect with more people and share how life is more than the big moments. We are passionate about “celebrating the journey and not just the destination.”

In our podcast, we are going to be talking to a lot of local and some national people in all walks of life, including the wedding planning industry.  We will focus on their story, how they began, and their personal life and listen to how they live in their awesome and what they have overcome.

Ashley got DEEP and talks about how wedding planning healed her heart.

My marriage only lasted a year.

When it didn’t turn out like the fairytale she wanted, Ashley had a hard time trusting that love would find its way back into her life.  Our couples have opened up her heart with their stories and have truly been a major reason why she can love again.

Meagan talks about the day that changed her life forever.

The universe kind of smacks you in the face and for me it was when my now husband was in an accident that actually left him paralyzed from the waist down

The accident made her realize we only have this one life to live and we should celebrate it.  The support of her husband,  family, friends and Ashley, pushed Meagan to start the business and bring it where it is today.

We work best together and lift each other up in the hard parts of our life.  Each episode we will tell you our stories and all the ones we have learned along the way.  We are excited to share with you the way we live our celebrated life.

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