June 30, 2018

Ep. 02: Building a Bakery with Jessica Boutwell

Today we are talking to Jessica Rose Boutwell, owner and creative behind the boutique bakery Ruze Cake House.  Ruze has been around since 2014, but opened up their adorable rose gold accented shop and headquarters in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale in 2016.  It’s not often that you refer to a bakery as cutting edge, but as Ruze’s creative director, Jessica has found a way to keep innovating and staying ahead of the trends.  


Jessica is the ideas person, and her mom, Joyce is the hands.  With a background in commercial real estate, raising money for a private investment fund, Jessica has a head for business.  He mom loves to bake and has always enjoyed making treats for people.  Joyce has the hands and the patience to create the designs, but Jessica has creative business drive.  Even when it came time for them to come up with a name for their business Facebook page.  It was Jessica that took the lead and they landed on “Ruze”, the Czech word for Jessica’s middle name rose,”Cake House” because they were baking out of Moms house.  Now the two work off each other to come up with their ideas and have created major trends within the wedding baked goods industry.  Jessica seeks out gaps in the market and Joyce figures out how to make it a reality.  


Jessica has been some sort of vegan or vegetarian since the 4th grade.  She just never liked meat.  Even as a small child she would cover the meat with ketchup.  We talk Ashley’s short stint at Veganism, volume eating and how Jessica’s respect for animals translated into a business philosophy.

“I wanted to make sure we weren’t profiting off the pain and suffering of an animal.” 

Eating out as a vegan can be really challenging, especially when it comes to breakfast and brunch and Jessica gives us the inside scoop on a brand new completely vegan item they will be selling on their new weekend breakfast menu: Carrot Cake French Toast (launching July 7th).  Our mouths were watering as she described this incredible dish!  You can bet we will be there on the 7th to try it out!

“It just hit us like a lightning bolt and thats usually how it usually is.  We’ll have nothing for weeks and then all of a sudden one of will get struck by lightning and it will be like a thunderstorm going through the kitchen.”


We admire how well Jessica knows her brand.  She wasn’t afraid to wait for the right thing instead of jumping into something for the sake of the exposure.  They bootstrapped the business and squired away money once they realized they might have the opportunity to open a shop and financed it with their own profits rather than taking out a loan.  

They understand when to say no, which is important for any business owner, but they also understand how the Yes’s can really impact their business.  By cultivating key partnerships and collaborations the bakery has been able to become an Instagram sensation.  Hear about why they have turned down baking shows, what it was like to win a major award against one of their baking inspirations, sacrifice   and goals for creating a sustainable future.

Follow Ruze Cake House
Website: ruzecakehouse.com
Instagram: @ruzecakehouse
Facebook: Ruze Cake House
Pinterest: Ruze Cake House

Or visit their store in scottsdale at: 7033 E. Main St., 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am-6pm
Sunday from 9am-5pm

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