April 19, 2021

Episode 76: Relatability and Relationships with Rachel DeAlto

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In today’s episode, we are talking with relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto. Rachel appeared as a relationship expert on Seasons 4 & 5 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, and TLC’s Kate + Date. She’s also represented Match, Comfort Suites, and TD Bank as a national spokesperson, and is presently engaged with Match as its Chief Dating Expert. She’s also given three TEDx talks! Her most recent “Being Authentic in A Filtered World”. Rachel’s mission is relatability. She encourages people to create a connection and build a real relationship – whatever the nature of that relationship may be.

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Everything is done online nowadays. Dating apps and meeting people online are a lot more popular than you think. There are millions of people on dating apps. When we asked Rachel about them she said, “Dating apps are just a facilitator to starting a relationship.” We need to think about the profile photos that we are choosing, because we are visual creatures. We are advertising ourselves to potential spouses.


The best first date questions are the ones that you are naturally curious about. Figure out what your non negotiables are before you start going on dates. Think, what are the qualities and personality traits that you want in a person and that will help guide your questions on a date. Some great date night ideas are anything to get your endorphins going! There are good standards like dinner and a movie, but do something active and that’ll release more dopamine.


There is no right or wrong time to get married. Go off your own personal timeline, not what everyone else is doing. There are also so many studies that show that you should live together and ones that say you shouldn’t. It all depends on how you show up on it. Living together before you are engaged or married really changes and exposes your relationship. You may find that you disagree on things and that is OKAY! You are not supposed to agree on everything. One of the biggest myths we have heard about relationships is that you should never go to bed mad at each other. Everyone processes emotions differently.


Rachel says that you should never stop putting the effort into your relationship. As you grow older and go through different stages of life together, never stop making the effort. Find joy in all your daily habits and the little moments.

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