January 4, 2021

Episode 71: Understanding your Worth with Meagan Cole

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Meagan Cole is the owner of Rise Up, Shine Bright, a brand and mentorship program. Her clothing line was created in mind as a reminder that you can be and do anything.

Welcome to The Celebrated Life episode 71! Today we are talking with Meagan Cole. Meagan is the owner of Rise Up, Shine Bright, a brand, and a mentorship program. Her brand serves as a reminder to rise up from your past murky waters, your old stories, and bloom into a beautiful new you. The best version of you! She’s giving everyone permission to shine. 

Not only does her brand sell apparel, but it also offers self-guided and 1 on 1 coaching. Her online course, Kickstart Your Power, is a self-guided mini-course designed to help you rise above your fear and self-doubt and shine bright as the confident, empowered version of yourself you desire to be. Let’s learn more about Meagan and the awesome community she has created!  

Meagan created her apparel and accessories to be your armor and remind you to Rise up, Shine Bright.   It serves as a reminder to show up as that best version of yourself you desire to be. 

“There is no failure, only feedback” – Meagan Cole


Website: riseupshinebright.ca

Instagram: @riseup.shinebright

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