November 9, 2020

Episode 64: Thriving with Shu Lambert

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Welcome to episode 64 of The Celebrated Life! Today we are talking to designer and engineer, Shu Lambert. Shu is the founder of Thrive Knives. They are official partners of Action Against Hunger. Not only are these kitchen knives thoughtfully designed, each knife that is purchased, provides a full day of live-saving nutrition to an undernourished child. Ashley personally has a set of these knives and she loves them!

Shu was an engineer by trade.  He worked for Disney creating roller coaster simulations such as the peter pan ride.  During his incredible time with Disney, he went through a couple of entrepreneurial journeys including his creation of Thrive Knives. He wanted every detail to be completely thought out from the shape and purpose all the way down to the ripples created by added layers of steel. 

In this episode you can find Shu, Ashley, and Meagan talking about all things food prep. We get into Shu’s knife recommendations, proper cutting form, and even his tips for knife sharpening.

With Shu’s design background he was determined to create a knife with  the feel of a handcrafted knife for an affordable price. One that would cut through groceries with ease and not go dull after a couple of months. He was careful with each element and put thought into each step to assure the knives would provide the best experience for his users.  His goal was to give people tools to thrive and with Ashley vouching for its skills, she can honestly say after using these knives that cooking has a whole new level of excitement.

“Don’t just survive, thrive.”


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