August 24, 2020

Episode 59: Mindfulness with Amanda Chay

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We are thrilled to be talking with Amanda Chay. She is the founder of, Wonderment, a company that empowers teams to take responsibility for their health. Her mission is to keep your business’s whole team happily productive and infused with health. She’s found that the more a workplace focuses on health and invests in wellness, the better they perform and improve their positive energy. She is a speaker we listened to on the Bright Side Virtual Conference where she talked about how mindfulness is the mental gym. We are excited to share more about mindfulness and how to conquer stress! 

Amanda Chay started her company, Wonderment, with the idea that it “empowers teams to take responsibility for their health by teaching simple, lifestyle changes that bring lasting results.” Amanda accomplishes this by offering training, retreats, and speaking engagements. 

Amanda Chay was “healthy” growing up because she was always moving and thought what she was eating was good for her body.  After much research and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she realized she wasn’t as healthy and mindful about what she was doing.  When she moved to North Carolina, she did some research on mindfulness and started practicing it at home with 15 minutes of silence after her daughters went to school.  Now she is mindful of the ways she treats her body and mind. 

She believes in taking moments throughout the day to just breathe.  She knows that happiness is her choice and knows that what she does for herself will affect that.  She works to maintain relationships and focus one the little things to live her dream!

I don’t know about you but I feel more mindful already!  Amanda gave us some great tools and resources to help us all lead a more mindful and ultimately more healthy life.  We hope you enjoyed it.  


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