June 1, 2020

Episode 48: Scheduling Success with Candace Gorgen

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Today on the podcast, we welcome Candace Gorgen with I Organize You! After climbing the corporate ladder for years, Candace didn’t feel satisfied and wanted to do something she was passionate about. After pushing aside her own inner critic she finally created a career that made her feel fulfilled and proud. Candace has some words of wisdom for living a celebrated life and we can’t wait to share them with you!


A lot of people interpret organization as the organizing of space, but Candace organizes the lives of women entrepreneurs so that they are in line with their goals, have focus, and help them give back the gift of time. “There are three components of organization; your mind, your body, and your heart.  When all three of those things are in order, that is when you are living at your highest potential.” Candace organizes people from the inside out, she works to get others organized internally to reflect on their external life.


Candace has been passionate about organization and coaching for 7 years, however she finally jumped in and started her company in 2019.   Her dad was also an entrepreneur as she grew up, so she knew she really wanted to honor his legacy as she created her company.  Her dad even thought of the name I Organized You because it is I-O-U.  She is extremely close with her Dad and her really helped give her the courage to follow her goals and start her company.

Candace just had her first workshop which was focused on moms and how they can better organize their life and help them focus on all the little parts that will lead them to their goals.  She is planning an entrepreneur workshop to help women start business or succeed in their current position with hopes to help groups build comradery in the process.  Additionally, she really values her clients that she is able to meet with periodically and the benefits that come from one-on-one coaching.  Candance is a strong listener and knows the importance of stepping in and understanding what someone is going through and dealing with.  She says that by being there and looking at plans that her clients have individually, she is able to she any missing pieces that are needed and that they are not seeing for success.  With this, her clients are able to completely focus on things that matter to get where they need to be instead of doing work without intention. 

One lesson that she applies to her everyday life is having a flexible routine and not a rigid schedule.  She also highly recommends adding ‘white space’ to your schedule, this allows empty space in her day to day life for when things don’t go as planned. Having this white space will help with stress if things aren’t on time.


Candace is constantly working toward her next goal, but she notices when she finally achieves them, she doesn’t take a step back to celebrate it.   She tries to take breaks and recognize how she is stepping into her purpose.  She also works to be constantly present with her family and marriage.  Candace knows that her work is what makes it so much sweeter to go home to her baby and husband.



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