May 25, 2020

Episode 47: Sweets for a Cause with Alexis Brown

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This week on the podcast we get to talk with Alexis Brown with The Sweet Life by Lex!  We talk about how she has turned from a dental hygienist to cavity creator, the Gentry Foundation for autism, and how she turned sweets for a cause into a full-time business.  Alexis has some great nuggets for living a celebrated life and we can’t wait to share them with you!


Alexis felt like she was on autopilot for most of her young adult life.  Growing up with a dentist as a Dad, she always had goals to become a Dental Hygienist for her Dad’s practice.  She went to school and started a good career doing something she was told would be good for her.  While she loved working in the field and helping others, she eventually realized she was not passionate about what she was doing.  


While it was just a hobby of hers to make treats and create stunning treat displays for her family and friends, they encouraged her to make it into something bigger.  With the encouragement, her wheels began to turn, and she created Sweet Life by Lex. Alexis started her company 2 years ago after a love for baking and sweets.

Alexis makes no-bake treats, because she knew there were so many places that created other amazing desserts like cakes, cupcakes, and the works.  She specializes in caramel wrapped pretzels that she can design for all types of occasions.  Alexis loves doing big events.  She likes the creative freedom she is able to get and how rewarding she feels when it all comes together.


Alexis is on the board for the Gentry Foundation for Autism.  They provide scholarships for children whose family cannot afford the test taken to diagnose children with Autism.  She is so passionate about the foundation because both of her boys were diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4.  Trying to be the best mom she could, she reached out to her friend who introduced her to Joe Gentry’s practice.  They worked every day with the boys for ABA therapy for two years to help with normal everyday things like helping at the dentist or when they got haircuts.  She began to get to know the Doctor and his wife and knew that they were not only doing amazing things to help children, but they are also genuine and kind people.  After being able to work her business to have a larger impact, she is able to give a portion of her proceeds from Sweet Life by Lex goes to the Gentry Foundation. 

When asked how she lives a celebrated life, she says she just tries to follow the following: “Be a good human, do right by others, and the rest will take care of itself.” We think she has this mantra down!



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