April 20, 2020

Ep 42: Always a Performer with DJ Trego

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Today, we welcome Andrew Trego, an experienced DJ in the valley who has always had a passion for hosting! This episode focuses on the life that brought Trego to where he is now as well as how your hosts, Ashley and Meagan got to the point they are today.  We are excited to share with you all the Disney references, belly laughs, and sound effects possible in this episode. Shout out to Trego!


Andrew grew up on the East coast and jokes that he “always had way too much energy.” He needed an outlet to channel all his energy and really gravitated towards musical theatre in high school and college.  In college, Trego also participated in an Acapella group called Exit 245. They used to sing to sororities and were even mentioned in the Pitch Perfect book.


Being heavily involved in theatre, the students were taught that their job wasn’t to act, it was to audition.   When the opportunity presented itself to audition for Disney, Trego knew he had to finish college first and waited for their call to join in May.  Trego was asked to join Disney Cruise as Peter Pan out of Toronto and meet thousands of people coming through every week. As he began to feel like this job wasn’t really for him he was offered a position on their Mediterranean line. He was beyond excited to see the world and all the amazing places it took him. It was even here that he met his wife who played Rapunzel. 


When Trego finished his last contract with the Disney cruise line, he and his wife decided to move out to California.  It was here when he decided to become a DJ and fulfill his passion for hosting. He went through Vox DJ’s “DJ Academy” and learned the ins and outs of what the company needed from their DJs. He has now been with Vox DJs for 5 years and done over 300 weddings with them, helping them now teach the DJ academy to mold their students into becoming great talent!

Andrew Trego now resides in Gilbert, Arizona where he works out of the Tempe location for Vox DJs.  He just welcomed a baby girl into their family and is excited to watch her (slowly) grow up into the person she will become!  “It starts with gratitude,” Andrew says, “This is your only life so might as well make it dope and laugh along the way.”


Website: voxdjs.com

Instagram: @tregothedj

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