April 13, 2020

Ep 41: Gift Giving with Lisa Morrow

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Welcome to episode 41! Today we are excited to introduce you to Lisa Morrow, owner of Birdytell. Driven by a family of entrepreneurs, Lisa always knew she would one day open her own business. She believes that giving and connecting people together gives her the greatest joy in life. We are so excited that we got the opportunity to dive into the life of an entrepreneur who truly cares about connecting people and local businesses in order to give personal gifts that show your connection to the person that truly matters.


Lisa grew up in a large Greek family full of entrepreneurs and has always known in some sense that she would start her own business. She owned her own coffee shop right here in Scottsdale and saw the benefit of connecting others.  Furthermore, connecting people together brings her joy.

As well as owning her original coffee shop, she also has a background that includes a career in crisis counseling, which is where her thoughts for her current business, Birdytell began. She saw a need to connect people through gifts, especially in the hard times in their lives, that truly matter to people- not just the flowers and balloons. This is where she started her idea for her business Wishlist. 


In 2012 Lisa started Wishlist, a website designed with a thought in mind:  if we knew more about one another it would be easier to shop for them. Wishlist allowed people to give gifts that weren’t generic, it allowed people to give in ways that were more thoughtful. Users could create lists of items they would like for gifts and send out to people. The business was successful, but users wanted more. They kept asking Lisa for a way they could purchase gifts directly through her site. This is where BirdyTell began.


The name was inspired by Lisa’s husband as she and her family spent some time sitting and just focusing on what the wanted to name to convey.  She didn’t just want her business to be about the gift, but instead to be about the action of giving and connecting. 

Since the start of BirdyTell, Lisa has worked to not only make connect with local businesses but to allow her customers the chance to shop locally too.  She works to make each gift unique and create an experience, she even has her or her team hand-deliver BirdyTell gifts.

Lisa really made us realize that there is nothing difficult about gift-giving and that sometimes a small gift will make the receiver’s day.  We leave you with this quote from Lisa, “Life isn’t always going to be like today, so why wouldn’t we want to do something special.” 


Instagram: @birdytell

Website: birdytell.com

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