October 23, 2019

Ep 38: Images with Denise Karis

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A good photographer is everything. They capture the love, the light, the elegance in a day. They capture all the small details, and the big picture. They make the moments last. 

Denise Karis does just that, and so much more, and if you take a listen to the episode you’ll hear all the small details coming together to make authentic moments last.


Denise first began photography back in 2007, but shot her first wedding in 2011. Life can come at you fast and trying to start a business and take care of her son and mother and work full-time Denise pushed through until finally, she was able to be a full-time photographer.

Over the years Denise has grown and changed as a photographer. She is very real in her work, keeping the shots very natural. She wants her photos to resemble everyone’s best self but their true self. The best part of Denise when she shoots is that she makes every one of her clients feel comfortable, and allows them to be themselves. Being in front of the camera can be an intimidating experience for many. It can stop people from showing their best sides because they don’t feel comfortable or good e ven good about themselves. Denise makes it fun and gives people the permission and confidence they need to be themselves. She doesn’t push them outside of their comfort zone. Denise said something that stuck with us: “If someone says they don’t like something then I’ll shoot a different angel, I won’t break their insecurities. I want them to love the way they look in the photos.”


We talk about how to support one another in our individual journeys or self love and body acceptance. Denise talks about how she is not here to judge, but to push or support. If someone loves their body than it’s a “Hell Yeah”, if someone loves their body, but wants to push themselves to go from 14 to 10 it’s a “Great, Do it.” Denise is in the industry of making people love who they are. “As soon as I see what I want, I show them so they can see that they can be fun, and loose, and their best self. That they are comfy and safe.”  Behind the camera she wants to showcase the things people love about themselves and make them feel great. Denise doesn’t consider herself bossy but rather directive during her shoots. She lets couples do their thing so the photos turn out elegant, natural, beautiful and breathtaking.


Denise also gives great ideas for other photographers, and those just starting out. When you shoot you have to focus on yourself, and your capabilities. Finding inspiration from others can be a good thing, but don’t compare. Being your own as a photographer will make your clients fall in love with the work, they’ll see the sparkle and shine. Make the shoots as fun as they can be. Denise treats everybody as her best friend whether they like it or not, because it will start to make them feel more comfortable.

It hasn’t been easy to get to where she is today but Denise says “I don’t have a better alternative.” If she quit, or gave up because it took longer than she wanted, what would be her story? Chase your dreams and put to work your passions. Listen in to hear the ins and outs of what it took for Denise to get this business off of the ground, and all the inspiration that kept her going to get her where she is now.


Denise has not only grown her photography business but has also created a youtube channel showcasing wedding vendors to help people understand more about what to expect during the wedding journey. But this new venture took her beyond photos into video. Her boyfriend one day asked her, “What can I do to help you?” She said learn video. And he did. The romanticism, and innovation all in one. Video is a whole new element and you get to see things come to life right in front you.

Denise seems to have figured this career path out and has continually done stunning work from headshots for corporate and business professionals to weddings, and more. We were so excited to have her on this episode of the podcast and we hope you enjoy her story!



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