October 16, 2019

Ep. 37 Life in Bloom with Veronica Novak

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In this episode, we had the pleasure of bringing in Veronica Novak from Avant-Garde Floral Studio!  You may already have known about Veronica from a recent episode with Will Novak! We love having the opportunity to speak with Veronica, Meagan’s sister-in-law, and learn about her life beyond the flowers and her hilarious husband. She gives a look into her daily life with floral design and her little girl as well as how adventure has driven her life!

We are so excited to introduce Veronica Novak!


Veronica never grew up thinking about flowers like the way she does today.   She went to college at Boston University studying Classical Vocal Performance with dreams of becoming an opera singer.  She grew up with her parents introducing her to classical music at a very young age. Studying music was the combination of being creative but also having keen attention to detail and having the foundation to create your beauty.  You have to have all of this knowledge and study tirelessly to be able to create that beautiful thing. This is so evident in her current work and really continues to make her shine as a florist in the event industry.


After college, Veronica was working for a marketing company in Boston.  While she felt the job made her feel fulfilled from a financial standpoint, it wasn’t filling her with joy. “I was losing myself as a person,” she says.  It was actually her husband that finally pointed out to her that he had always imagined her working as a florist and tapping into her creative nature. Will did some research and found a couple of companies in the areas hiring and showed Veronica.  She went in for an interview with Winston Flowers and ended up getting hired for their sales and marketing team. She started with them by going through a 1-month training process that included learning the basics of floral design like composition, color palette, and learning the “Winston look.” They noticed that Veronica had an eye for floral design and the company began to cross-train her into the designer position.  She learned quickly and became a full-time designer until she and Will decided to move to Arizona.

She knew she wanted to stay in the industry.  She wanted to focus more on events and not your everyday stem shop.  Veronica loves working with clients who think out of the box. She knows greenery is not going anywhere and that it’ll be a foundational piece for the upcoming years.  However, she thinks couples are more open to having color in their palettes. People are moving into airbrushing florals and including tropical vibes that are designed in a modern classic way. 


When planning a wedding, Veronica has a couple of mantras for her clients.

–       Nobody cares but you – stay true to you.

–       Make choices that are for you.

–       Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially in terms of your color palette.

–       Weddings bring out the crazy in people.


Veronica and Will were selected to be on the show Cash Pad.  A reality TV show where the Bachelor Franchise’s Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers remodel a second property for couples to rent out on Airbnb.  Veronica credits Will for this adventure as he tends to get a lot of ideas and runs with them. They have a detached garage on their property that they had been hoping to turn into a granny flat when they remodeled. When the show realized how funny Will is when he went viral for Angelo’s Bachelor Party, they got a call and were selected to be one of the families the show would do the remodel for. It took the bachelorette couple and their team 10 days to renovate the space and they now have a beautiful and retro cottage with painting accents by Pink Puddle Studio that they can rent out on Airbnb.

Veronica lives a celebrated life by living a life of adventure.  By going with the flow and taking adventurous chances she became a florist as well and ending up on the show.  She adopts a “yes and” attitude living with curiosity and the desire to learn. We will leave you with a quote from her that truly show her view on life; “The things in life that I regret are things that I didn’t do, not the things that I did do.”




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