December 12, 2018

Ep. 22: Building Something From Nothing with Kayla and Kelsea of The Paseo Venue

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We are so excited to bring not one, but two founders of one of the valley’s most sought-after wedding venues, The Paseo!  The Paseo opened its doors to couples in 2014 and has since booked events pretty much nonstop-  147 in the current wedding season alone. Not only have they grown in clientele, but they have also hired in multiple staff members to help keep up the venue’s success.  We always have such a fun time working with these sisters and are excited to tell you about their business, family, and how they are some of the best wildlife wranglers we know. Welcome Kelsea and Kayla!


Kelsea and Kayla are sisters who always had a dream of running a family business they just did not always know what that would look like.  Kayla was graduating and realized she did not have life figured out, she was so against corporate America and decided she wanted to come up with her own family business.  She was working with J Barry designs, a Phoenix florist, and knowing that weddings were her passion, she wanted to open a venue. “If we bring something with total desert vibes and embrace Arizona, because this is where we’re from, it could totally work.”  After a lot of research they found that there was a market for desert venues in Phoenix.

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“Luck was our number one friend.”

They had everything envisioned, they had it planned out with the bank and architect, but they had no idea where they were putting it.  Then there was luck. They got a notification on Zillow one day for a lot in Apache Junction right on the base of the Superstition Mountains. The view is seriously amazing and they have created a space so unique with a beautiful venue and endless desert scenery.  Their Nana gave them inspiration for the name when she said “paseo” which means a stroll or journey in Spanish. It was perfect.

They love working together as a family and feel that they are truly a well balanced team.  Jorge is the business guy who always had corporate jobs, Becky is a true genius, Kayla helps create the vision, and Kelsea keeps everyone level headed.  They also were so happy to expand the team with Brittany, a third event coordinator and Emily the Office Manager. Since they opened their doors in 2014 they have continued to grow their team, venue, and couples.  They have already done major upgrades on their building including the installation of the floor to ceiling windows on either side of the venue, an additional office space for the team, and a filtered water system that comes from the moisture in the air.


Because their vision was almost like and infinity pool of desert in the middle of nowhere, they do have to encounter wildlife on a daily basis.  From experience we can tell you that each encounter turns into a great story. We love how careful the staff are with each animal taking care of them and making sure to let it free away from the party.  One of our favorite stories was a wedding that we worked last year where we met the desert lobster, a massive scorpion hanging outside the restrooms. After trading a cup for a bucket they were able to safely bring him back home.  It is the true Arizona experience.

We were so excited to have these two in our office to share stories.  They are both so great and make The Paseo such an amazing place to get married in Arizona.  The venue is truly a unique and special place that they have carefully created for their couples. Kayla and Kelsea are so happy to have all of their trusting clients that helped them start their business.   One of their core values is fun and they work to make sure they are always having a good time, they want everyone to love their job and appreciate where they are. They have that down and are always happy to bring us laughter each time we see them!



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