January 16, 2016

Your Jubilee Engagement Boot Camp: 5 Things Couples Should Discuss Before Getting Married

With engagement season in full swing we wanted to bring our future #YJCouples an exclusive Your Jubilee Boot Camp. Over the next 4 weeks we will be sharing tips of all kinds to engaged couples. Keep and eye on our Your Jubilee Facebook and Instagram for more insider wedding information and tips. 

To kick off this new series we want to dig a little deeper then wedding flower trends, or emergency kit must have items and talk about what we think our top 5 thing should be before you and your spouse tie the knot. 

Now, you may think this is silly, you have spent so many late nights talking and making goals together but there are some big things you should be clear on and both know 100% before you say “I Do” because you would hate for one of these to be a deal breaker after it is to late. So, since we are in the business of love and marriage, here re our top 5 things we think you should discuss before the big day:

1. Money

So, anything that has to do with money can complicate things. Even if you have a lot or nothing at all this is something couples must discuss. Will you or your fiancé want a prenup? Who will be handling the bills? What do each of your credit histories look like? These are all things as a couple moving forward you will have to deal with, so make sure you are clear going into what you may or may not be taking on. It will be a big weight off of both of your shoulders if you know how your money will be divided, spent, and saved.
2. Kids

To have kids, or to not have kids, that is the question…and it is a big one! Kids are a huge responsibility that can be so exhausting and fulfilling at the same time. If you want to have enough rugrats running around to build your own football team, make sure your partner is on the same page. 

3. Goals

What are you goals? What is your partners life goals? What legacy to you both want to leave as a couple? So many amazing conversations come out of questions revolving around goals. Don’t wait for the new year to discuss this, start talking now and set big goals to look forward to together as a couple. Here at YJ we love setting BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and while we dream and set these goals we write them in present tense so we are already speaking it into existence  The more butterflies you have in yours stomach the better and more meaningful that goal is! 

4. Location

This is such an important thing to discuss! There is no place like home, but what if each of your homes are in different places? Make sure you are both clear on where you want to live, grow roots, and grow a life together. This is something that could build resentment in the relationship later on if not decided on early in the relationship.

5. Raising Children

Having children is hard in itself, then you have to raise them! But how? Are you and your spouse raising them in a church and want them to attend Sunday school? Will they be home schooled or attend public school? What about household rules? You want to make sure to have each others back when the kids try to gain up on you. Even if you don’t agree on everything when it comes to raising your children, you at least have to meet half way and know as a couple how you want to raise your kids. 

We also recommend seeking advice from family or friends who have been married for a while and ask them for advice. Seek guidance from mentors, counselors, or someone from your church if you are religious. All of these things build a strong foundation for your love and relation to grow and flourish! 

Our Engagement bootcamp is going to be a great resource for you to continue to come back to during your engagement journey! If you are a newly engaged couple what would you like to know more about during your wedding adventure? Leave us a note in the comments below! 

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