June 11, 2015

YJ Tips: Wedding Day Must Haves & a Special YJ Promo!

Today we are giving you some of our insider tips! As your coordinator we bring a box full of wedding day must haves- anything from mints, nail polish, kleenex, to extra eyelashes in case one falls off! So what do we have in our YJ Survival Kit and what do you need in yours? Here are some items we highly recommend having with you on your big day!

Being over prepared on your wedding day is not a bad thing. If you are having a wedding outdoors we always carry bug spray and sunblock in our kit. There is nothing worse then being burnt and itchy bride! Bandiads are a must have to help with last minute scraps and even blistered toes! Safety pins have been a life saver for us multiple times- if your bustle rips or doesn’t pin correctly, we have been know to pin a brides bustle into place! 

Here are some other items that will put you at ease knowing you are going into the best day of your life fully prepared:

Be sure to send this blog post to your maid of honor for her to take care of. Bridesmaids this is also a great gift for the bride-to-be, who wouldn’t want a Ted Baker or a Kate Spade make up bag filled with wedding day goodies? You want to make sure you all feel your best and freshest when it comes to your big day. 
Don’t feel like putting this together yourself? Your Jubilee is here to ensure you don’t have to worry about the small stuff! Our YJ Survival Kit is included in all of our packages! 

We would love to meet with you and set up a complimentary consultation. If you book with us before July 1st we are offering a complimentary popcorn bar to your special day. We work with some amazing vendors and can specialize the flavors just for you! Contact us today to set up your appointment and snag this YJ promo!

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