May 6, 2015

Why I Love Being A Wedding Planner

When I was 5 years old I walked down the aisle for the first time.  I wore a pepto-bismal pink dress, with puffed sleeves, rosettes and a hoop skirt underneath.  I felt so important, preparing the aisle for the bride.  My petals would be the pathway to her prince.  I took care in walking at a not too slow, but not too fast pace, smiling to hype everyone for what was to come.  After finishing my  journey, I sat down, careful not to let my hoop skirt lift my dress over my head, and looked back at the work I had done.  I was proud, the perfect petal lined walkway for a bride.  And then the brides music began…

There are very few things that satisfy me as much as knowing I have helped to create a magical wedding day.  Call me a hopeless romantic, but there is just something so special about being able to curate someone’s love story- even if it’s only for a day.  This must be why I’ve often wished that you could actually be a Fairy Godmother.

There are few things a woman dreams of as much as her own fairytale.  Overcoming her obstacles, finding her own version of success, falling in love with her handsome price and having an enchanting wedding, followed by happily ever after.  Well, we all know life  typically falls a bit short of a fairytale, but wedding days, at least for me, are certainly an exception.  Thanks to my job, I get to experience more wedding days than most people, and to me they each contain so much magic.

I love watching a couples dream wedding come to life.  With a wave of my magic wand (or just a couple of hours of running around in yoga pants) I get to make all those months of planning come to life.  All those hours logged on pinterest, all those decisions, all those special touches-  I get to make them come to life.  The bride and groom typically don’t watch how everything comes together, they just know that when they walk into their ceremony and reception it will be everything they dreamed it to be. 

I love watching the love.  The way a groom looks when he sees his bride for the first time.  The way a mother looks as she sees her child giving their heart to another.  The way a father looks as he dances with his daughter.  The tears the guests try to hide during special moments, it’s all so beautiful.  That much love in one place is like fuel for me.  It makes me just overflow with joy (an usually tears of my own) because I am blessed to witness it all. 

I love the process.  I love being there to calm the nerves, to defuse the stress and to make planning a wedding the best experience possible.  Finding my couples the best deals, being their sounding board, surprising them with treats along the way- these are all perks of my job.  It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly always fulfilling. 
Being a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.  I love that I get to be a friend, confidant and skilled professional to a couple during such a special time in their lives.  At the end of the day, I’m still just that little girl in a pink rosette dress, proud to be a part of a magical day.

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