July 7, 2015

Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Love!

Wedding favors, something your guest take with them to remember your best day ever! It is also a way to thank your guest and show the you appreciate them taking time to share in your love story for the day. After talking with our brides and other vendor friends we have seen a lot of different favors. So, what can you do that is different, unique to you and your fiancé,  and be something the guest will actually like? After chatting with our brides, various friends who have been guest at many weddings, and other vendors we have come up with some popular favor ideas and unique ways to make it your own. 

This was mentioned as something that guest love in a favor, delicious food, something yummy they can snack on after dancing the night away! We love having a twist on the classic candy bar and making a custom popcorn or trail mix bar. This way guest can customize their take-away treat! Looking for s’more loving? Package a build-your-own mini s’more pack for each of your guest to enjoy the gooey goodness! 

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Yes, you have your specialty cocktail and you may even have a specialty cup for your guest to drink out of, but what about something they haven’t seen? We love Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign. They offer cases with specialty names and titles for your guest and bridal party. Share a Coke with each of your guest and have a nice, refreshing Coke waiting for them at their seat. 

Not a soda drinker? What about these adorable mojito kits with muddler or specialty mason jars with moonshine? If either is your specialty drink for the evening this is a great favor your guest can take home and remember all the fun they had in every sip! 

Personal Touches
After all of the eating and drinking guest may need specialty items around their home that are useful and bring back the found memories from you day. We love these specialty wine stoppers engraved with your date or monogram. Having a vineyard wedding? This would be the perfect favor for your guest. 

We have seen couples have various plants with signs that say “Watch our love grow.” From succulents to daisies we love this idea but how can you do it differently? 

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We love these confetti hearts personalized with maps from the couples home cities. These can be used as confetti and decor on your tables and guest can grab them as they leave. The seeds are impacted in the paper and all you need to do is plant and add water to see the flowers bloom!
Whatever you decide on make sure it is true to you and your fiancé. The more unique and meaningful it is to you the better it will be and the bigger impact it will make on your guest! 

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