March 24, 2015

Vendors We Love: Ocotillo Music

There is something so special about choosing live music for your ceremony and or reception.  One of our favorite duo’s in the valley is Robert and Cindy Leger of Ocotillo Music!

There’s a reason Ocotillo Music has been named best ceremony music for two straight years by the readers of Arizona Bride magazine. The two utilize the cello, mandolin and classical guitar to play everything from classical favorites to current hits and just about every song in between.  Cindy, has over thirty years experience playing for symphony orchestras, chamber groups and string quartets, while Robert is a long time church musician.  They have been playing together for over 25 years!

We sat down with Robert and Cindy and asked them a couple questions:

Your Jubilee: When did you start Ocotillo Music and why?
OM: December 2010. We had played for friends’ weddings over the years, and really enjoyed it. But we were raising two active boys who played soccer, baseball, football, basketball and ran track. Their schedules were our schedules. Once they graduated from high school, we decided to see how much appeal our music might have. 
YJ: How many instruments do you play? How big or small can your group be? 
OM: We’re primarily a trio made up of two people. Cindy plays cello, and Robert plays classical guitar and a mandolin he had custom made of Southwestern woods. On a few songs, like the Pachelbel Canon, we lay down a guitar track on the iPod and play the cello and mandolin live so you hear three instruments. 
Robert also owns a Russian balalaika and a South American charango, but doesn’t play them often. 
We’re strictly instrumental, and if you ever heard Robert try to sing you’d understand why. But we know some fine singers, and can add a vocalist if requested.

 photo by Step On Me Photography

YJ: If a bride or groom has specific songs they want played can you cover almost any song?
OM: Yes, and we’re always excited to try something new. Some songs that brides or grooms requested have become mainstays of our repertoire. As long as a song has a melody, we’ll give it a try.
YJ: What is your favorite style of music and song to play at a wedding?
OM: Whatever the bride and groom want to hear. We’re there to add to the atmosphere the couple wants, and if they’re happy, we’re happy.

YJ: What is your favorite moment at a wedding?
OM: The moment it starts on time. … 
OK, just joking. Each ceremony is unique and creates its own special moments: the procession, the delivery of vows the couple wrote, the first kiss as a married couple, the smile when we play the special song the couple asked for, a little girl who starts twirling to our music during the cocktail hour.   
YJ: Any special rates for our Your Jubilee brides?

OM: That’s a trick question! We realized when we started there were a couple ways we could set our fees. We could inflate them and then offer a discount. That would be smart marketing. Instead, we decided to price our services reasonably. We’ve had colleagues tell us we should charge more, but we’re comfortable we offer couples a good value without giving our talents away.

Ocotillo Music is a great addition to any wedding or event!  We love working with great musicians and Robert and Cindy are some of the best!  Be sure to check them out on Facebook and take a look at their website to hear them play!

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