August 5, 2014

Vendors We Love: Chocolade Van Brugge

Last night, Your Jubilee had the pleasure of hosting our Bohemian Photo Shoot Reveal party at Chocolade Van Brugge located in Old Town Scottsdale. Christine and Frederiek Verbeke established the company in 2013 and wanted to bring the fun back into buying sweets. Their goal was to create a cafe style location that sells traditional Belgium luxury chocolates.

We hosted a chocolate dipping party while viewing the pictures from the photo shoot we styled for Step On Me Photography. The chocolate pairings were anything from traditional items like bananas and strawberries to potato chips and Cheetos! Surprisingly, enough Cheetos dipped in Belgium white chocolate was delicious! 

With Steph from Step On Me Photography


Your Jubilee sat down with Frederiek to get to know him and his company and what they can offer to our brides. 

YJ: How long have you been in the states? CVB: 6 years. YJ: When did you get in the chocolate industry? CVB: grew into the chocolate industry. Ever since I was 2 years old I was surrounded by chocolate. YJ:What is your most unique chocolate flavor? CVB: My personal unique flavor is the Crème Brulee or the speculoos. The most unique we have is probably the Cuberdon, that is a traditional Belgian filling based on raspberry. YJ: What is your favorite chocolate & wine pairing?  CVB: My favorite wine and chocolate pairing is a pinot noir with a hazelnut praline. However my favorite beer and chocolate is a white beer with a citrus ganache. YJ: What special packages or date nights do you offer? 

CVB: We offer chocolate dipping bars for date night, girls night out, or bridal showers. We have our wedding and event party favors that you can have wrapped in your color wrapping paper and ribbon. We have the waffle bar we can bring on location and we have a special deal for wine or beer and chocolate pairings. Chocolade Van Brugge will be introducing a beer, cheese and chocolate package very soon.

Everything we have tasted from Chocolade Van Brugge is heavenly. Be sure to stop by for a Belgium Waffle or to pick up some sweet treats for a loved one. They have summer specials on their webpage now as well. Planning on a special date night? Check out their website

Thanks to Fred and his team for a great evening and for your delicious chocolates. 

Be sure to check back to our blog later this week to see all of the fabulous photos from our Bohemian inspired photo shoot. 

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