October 6, 2015

Trend Tuesday: Bridesmaid Charm Pull

We have been so excited to share all of our beautiful photos from our Bridesmaids Luncheon Par-Tea Photoshoot, and we hope you have loved them too! When we were developing the concept for the shoot we wanted to bring in something different our brides here in Arizona haven’t seen before or maybe haven’t even heard of! 

So, for today’s Trend Tuesday we are talking about an old Southern tradition, that we would love to see more of, the Bridesmaids Charm Pull! 

The Bridesmaids Charm Pull is something that dates back to the Victorian ages and was a big portion of the wedding reception. Now, this is tradition done at the brides shower or bridesmaid luncheon before the wedding. 

How it works:
– Pick various charms that have special meanings.  This will be  your maids fortune.
– Then tie satin ribbon that coordinates with your wedding colors to each of the charms. 
– The charms should not be baked into the cake, place them in between the layers of the cake, or the bottom of the cake with the ribbons sticking out. 
– Before you cut the cake gather your gals and have them pull a charm and read their fortune!

Adding a charm pull tradition to your wedding festivities is a unique, whimsical way to add more fun memories during your wedding experience. 

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