September 10, 2014

Trend Alert Tuesday: Unplugged Weddings

I know it may seem hard to believe but yes, some couples request that their guest unplug from their phones and cameras for the night and be fully present for their big day. Such a small request- to capture each moment with their hearts and not their phones- but this can be a big turn off for some guest. Here are some tips on how to pull this off in a way where your guest can understand and have all eyes on you. 
Let Your Guest Know in Advance
Make sure this is not a surprise to the guest. They know what the bride and groom want and will have enough time to digest it and respect your wishes. Include this in your invites and on your wedding website. You can use some nice wording like the ones below and and even include a fun sign day of your wedding. 
This is a fine request for your ceremony but maybe not for your reception. Religious or not, the ceremony is a sacred place where it is ok to ask your guest to be fully present in the moment. The reception is more of a party atmosphere and this is where you will want to look back on the candid pictures from your friends and family and relive the special moments you had with them. 

Prepare Your Photographer
Your photographer will be thrilled to hear that your wedding ceremony won’t be full of guest trying to get a better shot then thems. There is nothing more frustrating then getting pictures back like the ones below and having some amazing shots ruined. With that being said, be sure the photographer knows to edit 5-10 photos of the ceremony fairly quickly so they can be shared and viewed with family and friends over some social media outlets. 
Celeb Status
Unless you are a celebrity do not confiscate your guest phones. This can really turn a guest off and you don’t want them sitting in your ceremony or leaving your wedding with a bad attitude or bad memories from the day. Yes, there are cute ways this can be done but unless you are trying to keep secret wedding plans from the paparazzi refrain from doing so. 
So what do you think of this unconventional trend? It has gained momentum over the past year and is something we will begin to see more and more. I love the idea, as a whole we all need to take some time out of our lives to unplug and be more present to each moment. 

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