December 1, 2015

Trend Alert Tuesday: DIY Flower Crowns in 8 Easy Steps!

For this Trend Tuesday we will be talking all about flower crowns and how to make them! The flower crown trend has been around for a while and we do not see it going anywhere any time soon. So, we decided to tackle making flower crowns for our Kate Spade inspired bridal shower at the beginning of the month and we are sharing the process with you! Use this easy step by step process to create your flower crown and add them to your next event! 

Supplies you will need:
  • Scissors
  • Garden Shears (optional but they make your life a little easier)
  • Floral Tape
  • Pliable Twine Covered Wire
  • Floral Wire
  • Colored ribbon


Flowers to buy:
Buy 2-3 types of flowers that are easy to work with, don’t wilt easily and you can cut into 3 inch pieces. We went to the Arizona Flower Market and had their team help us pick the flowers that worked best for our event and would last over night. 
We bought:
  • Purple Statice
  • Mini Carnations
  • Ivy or Eucalyptus (buy more then you think you need, leafy vines can be used as fillers)
  • Stock
  • Thistle (these add fun texture and we used these as the focal point in some of the flower crowns)
The Arizona Flower Market gave us a tip to buy a few pre-made bouquets they had in the front of the store for a few extra flower types and filers just in case we needed them. This is an easy way to save some money as well. 
Step 1:
Wrap the pliable twine half way around your head and cut it at the appropriate length. This should be about 2 feet but can be a little more or a little less. 
Step 2:
Make loops at each end and wrap the twine around each other 2-3 times so the loops hold each other in place. The goal is to have a loop on each side so when the ribbon is attached the crown can be adjustable. 


Step 3:
Now it is time to make clusters! Begin cutting the flowers into 3 inch stems, then begin pairing them together into individual clusters. Once you have the perfect cluster tape the stems together using the floral tape. The tape should be 5-6 inches long. Start taping at the base of the flowers, moving towards the end to ensure a secure bundle. 


Admire your beautiful bundles!
Step 4:
Begin making more and more bundles! We used 5-6 per crown but depending on how full you want yours you can make more. Notice how we have used different flowers in each bundle, it is ok if they are all different, this is what makes each flower crown so unique and special! 
Step 5:
Pick up the pliable twine you made from steps 1 & 2 and hold a leafy, full piece of vine next to it. Attach one end of the vine with flower tape to the twine. Then begin to wrap is around the twine loosely before attaching the other end with flower tape and ensure it is secure. This will act as a filler between the flower clusters you just created. 
Step 6:
You will then begin to wrap the flower wire around each cluster to ensure it is secure on the twine. The clusters can be placed close together to create a more full look, only on one side of the crown for a more asymmetrical look, or in between the leafy vine so the flowers are evenly placed throughout. 
Insider Tip: If the flower wire is to hard to twist around the bunches use extra flower tape. As we began to create we noticed it was hard to use the wire on all the bunches. As long as you have enough tape and wrap it around the pliable twine so it feels secure the tape works great! It took us a few test runs before we had the flowers secured and in place. If you are using flower wire and want to make a very full flower crown of clusters you will need about 3 wires per crown.


Step 7:
Now that all the flowers and fillers are securely attached it is time to attach the ribbon or twine to the end loops of the flower crown. We chose gold ribbon to accent our crowns but any ribbon or color is fine. 
If you need to store the crown over night then be sure to have a water bottle and gallon size ziplock bags. Spritz the inside of the bag with water, about 1-2 pumps, and lock the crown inside. Then place the crown in the fridge. This helps create little humidifiers for the flowers over night and keep them as fresh as possible. It is a good idea to keep a spray bottle close by throughout the entire process and spritz the flowers as you are working. 


Step 8:
Enjoy your beautiful flower crown! This was our first time making flower crowns and we weren’t sure how they would turn out. Once the guest began to arrive and we all pinned them to our hair we loved the colorful, organic look it gave to everyone at the bridal shower!


The brides flower crown was made by Prim, we wanted to make sure hers was extra special.


Insider tip: We went with Queen Anne’s Lace as a filler flower and we wish we would have used a flower that did not shed or wilt as easily, this flower was very hard to work with. We also would have picked 2 different types of leafy vines instead of just Ivy because we ended up using these as fillers more then we thought we would. 
Good luck with your DIY flower crown! Be sure to pop a few bottles of wine and have some good music on while creating your crown, because it should be a fun process! Share your progress and final flower crown with us on Instagram or below in the comments. Have fun! 



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