May 19, 2015

Trend Alert Tuesday: Cake Alternatives

With more and more weddings straying away from being too overly traditional, why feel the need to have a cake at your wedding reception? If cake isn’t your favorite dessert there are so many other popular wedding trends to offer you and your guest. After a busy spring wedding season we have seen so many special touches brought in through the desserts and we want to share them with you! 

Here are some of my fav wedding cake alternatives. 

Gelato Bar
Forget let them eat cake, let them eat GELATO! There are some adorable gelato carts that can come into your reception and serve specialty customized and chosen flavors to your wedding guest. Instead of serving each other a piece of cake, serve each other a scoop of gelato! For the few brave bride and grooms who get married during our warm summer months, this is a great option to keep you and your guest cool! Local companies we love are Frost and Gelato 64. 

Donut Ever Let Me Go
Donuts are no longer a morning breakfast item. Dessert donut tables accented with a milk cart is such a delicious way to treat your guest! Various bakeries are offering decorative donuts, but one company we love that offers hot, custom, beautifully fresh glazed doughnuts is Fractured Prune Doughnuts. They can even make a small two pack for each guest to take home that can be used as your wedding favor.

There’s Always Room for S’more Love
Your Jubilee had the opportunity to create a custom s’mores bar for one of our spring weddings. Guest loved having this as a dessert option and we love that it gives guest another reason to get up and mingle together. Kids and adults gathered around the fire as their marshmallows were cooking and stacked the chocolate and graham crackers high to make the ultimate s’more sandwich. We also love using local vendor Fluff It Marshmallow who can come to your wedding or event and speciality make your s’more with various flavors of marshmallows. 

Perfect as Pie
Pie is a very yummy way to treat your guest after dinner! Whether it is a mini peach cobbler like the ones from Sweet Pies Desserts or if it is a few larger pies that your guest can choose from. This is a great option especially if your event is in the fall. 
We know you have seen cupcakes around for a while, and this isn’t some new dessert trend, but going with a company who can do cupcakes and other treats can turn your dessert into a entire delicious treat bar! This is one of the many reasons why we love Gigi’s Cupcakes. Not only are their cupcakes amazing and come in multiple mouth watering flavors, but they can create small cakes, macaroons, pies, pretty much anything you can dream up they can do for your special day. This way you don’t have to choose and you and your guest can have one of each!

Treats are one of my favorite ways for the bride and groom to bring in a unique touch to their wedding day. Don’t feel the need to do the norm, it is ok to think outside of the box and make it special to you! If you need help creating or selecting a vendor to help curb your sweet tooth craving, contact us! We love sampling sweet treats and making your day extra special!

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