September 7, 2017

Thank You Cards in 4 Simple Steps!

Hi everyone, my name is Shelby Cheraso and I am one of the newest Jubilette Interns and I am so excited to see what this wedding season will bring! I am originally from Tempe, Arizona and I just graduated from Arizona State University with a degree from W.P. Carrey School of Business with a concentration on Communication while receiving a minor in Special Events Management.

Thank You Card “How To”

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the 4 easy steps to write a Thank You Card and the importance behind giving it. It’s sad to say, but in this day and age people don’t expect it, with texting and emails and technology so it’s worth it to go the extra mile to express how thankful and appreciative you are to the people you surround yourself with.

Thank You Cards I have purchased from Target over the years


Some quick tips to know before you start writing:

Send them in a timely manner

You should send them out in the mail within two weeks of your event, so make sure you are prepared with some pretty stationary and some coffee before you start writing!

Never Mention Money

Rather than thanking your guests directly for their cash gift, thank them for their generosity instead, and for how helpful it will be when shopping for new furniture.


So here it is everyone, The four easy steps to writing a thoughtful Thank You Card with some examples I have provided:


Step 1   Opener

Dear ________________,


Step 2   Gratitude

Thank you so much for the…

It made my day when I opened…

I am so grateful you were there when…

Where do I begin? I can’t thank you enough for the…

Just a small note to say a HUGE thanks to you for…


Step 3   Make it Personal

I loved catching up with you!

Your support and friendship meant the world to me.

It was so great seeing you again.

We look forward to seeing you again at…


Step 4   Sign Off

All my love,

Many thanks,


Yours truly,

With gratitude,

With a heartfelt thanks,



Just remember how you felt whenever someone went out of their way to send you a physical thank you card in the mail. They will admire your generosity and note that they went out of their way to thank you.





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