December 11, 2015

Tech Up When Tying the Knot

Everything evolves to keep up with technology, and the wedding industry isn’t any different. Today, we are outlining some tech trends we are seeing to keep you in the know and your wedding on the cutting edge!

A Hidden GoPro
You can hide a GoPro in your bouquet or find a great spot to get candid video of the reception.  Work with your videographer to include this in the editing package.  My favorite use of a gopro to capture a couples wedding is this adorable video captured by the couples dog!

GIF and Slow-mo photobooths
Upgrade from the traditional photobooth to a slow-motion or GIF booth.  Not only are these booths something most of your guests haven’t seen before, but they are a whole lot of fun.  Check out this example from local vendor Crazy Shotz Photo Booth!

Share the Moments
Using a hashtag is an easy way to see everything posted by friends and family, but it’s a pain to try to save all those images.  Make it easy by setting up photocircle!  This app allows people to log into a particular album with a pin.  You can include the app information and the pin in the program on your wedding website or on signage at the event.

Periscope Your Wedding
Live stream your wedding allowing even the people who can’t attend your your big day to still watch the big moments.  Periscope allows people to watch in real time and interact by commenting.  Plus you can save the videos once you are done.  The down side?  Pretty much anyone, anywhere in the world can tune in and comment.  Don’t worry,  you can also block people.  

Charging Station
Offer your guests a charging station so they can instagram, periscope and photograph to their hearts content.  There are so many options for this, but our favorite is this locker.  Better still, ask guests to leave thier phones in a chargins station locker for the ceremony so they are ready to go once its time to party.  Keeping  phones out of your hired photographers way, but charging them up in time for the reception.

Heart Rate Monitor
I have to say I love this idea.  Wear anything from a FitBit to a Apple Watch to track monitor your heartbeat on the big day.  Later you’ll be able to see how your heart jumped during the first look or as you head down the aisle.  Then, you can use this heart rate diagram to have a unique reminder of your day painted on canvas or framed.  If you ask me, Meredith Gray and Derek Shepard missed out on this idea.

The hot new thing is to have a drone at your wedding to capture unique photos and video.  While you definitely can create some one of a kind aerial shots, they can be a bit a of a distraction, especially during your ceremony.  They create both a gust of wind and are pretty noisy.  Still, utilizing them for shots of your outdoor venue and once the ceremony is over is a great option.  

3D Printing
Custom cake topers, cake stands and other unique additions can now be made by 3D printer!  No doubt the uses for applications of the 3D printer will only continue to expand.  Before you know it, we might be ordering 3D printed cakes!

We love how the wedding industry evolves with the rest of the worlds fun and outrageous tech trends! So, what do you think about these new trends? Will you be adding any of the tech trends to your wedding?  



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