December 11, 2014

Sweating For The Wedding: 8 Tips To Get through the Holidays And Beyond

During the holidays its easy to break your healthy eating routine for sugar cookies and heaps of mashed potatoes (or is that just me?). We are right there with ya!  While Meagan and I aren’t in bridal boot camp mode, we know many of you are sweating for the wedding!  I can totally relate!  I have been on my own weight loss journey as well.   I work with a nutritionist and I thought I would share some tips and tricks we use to avoid extra holiday calories. Everyone is always saying it’s better to work out with a buddy and Meagan and are also sharing some of our favorite places to sweat!

Hot Tip 1:  Are you hosting a holiday dinner?  Serve it restaurant style!  Plate everything in the kitchen and keep the food out of sight in the kitchen during the meal.  This will help everyone at the table watch portion sizes and help curb mindless overeating.

Hot Tip 2:  Headed to a party?  Eat a meal before you go.  Saving your calories for the big meal isn’t the best maintenance technique. Make sure to eat protein!  You’ll arrive full and this should help you navigate all the dips, appetizers and treats.  Is it a potluck?  Try a healthy version of a holiday classic or maybe mixed veggies and hummus.

Hot Tip 3:  Give into your cravings.  It’s okay to have a piece of pumpkin pie- especially if you have been thinking about it for the last week.  Just do so in moderation.  When I spend weeks denying myself of a special treat I am way more likely to break and eat the whole pie instead of just a taste.

Hot Tip 4: Back off the booze.  During the holidays the champagne is flowing, spiced cocktails are brewing and if all else fails, there are all those delicious winter ales!  Beware the booze.  Not only are these drinks filled with empty calories, but they also make it easier to give into that voice that says, one more cookie won’t hurt anything… or four.

Hot Tip 5:  Get a workout buddy, or three.  Whether it’s you future hubby, your bridesmaids or just a friend with similar fitness goals, make a holiday workout pact with someone!  I just started doing a group training session with friends twice a week.  There is something strangely wonderful about getting our butts kicked together!  We love working with Taylor of Beauty and the Beard Fitness!


Hot Tip 6:  Mix it up!  Keep your body guessing and you’ll see more consistent changes.  If you do the same workout each time, your body adapts, you have to keep it, for lack of a better description, on it’s toes!  Meagan and I love going to spin at The Madison!  The Party On A Bike class is so fun! You get a super sweaty workout, great tunes and a light show all in one!  You can bet you’ll find us at the guilty pleasures rides that include music from Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, Shania Twain and Sir Mix-a-lot.

Hot Tip 7:  Don’t forget to relax.  The holidays are hectic, give yourself some time to unwind.  Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep- aim for seven hours a night. I also like to go to Yoga a couple times a week.  First my body craves the stretching after my other high intensity workouts, plus my mind craves the meditation and the breathing techniques.  During the holidays, and especially while you plan for your wedding it’s helpful to know how to calm your mind.

Hot Tip 8:  Drink lots of water.  Not only does water help you feel full, but it helps you flush toxins out of the body.  Focusing on drinking water will help you avoid sugary drinks.  During nights out, alternate between booze and water to keep your calories down and avoid a dehydration fueled hangover.

We hope these tips will help keep you on a healthy track this during the holidays!  Check out Your Jubilee on Instagram to see how we stay busy and fit this holiday season!

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