November 22, 2016


From the bridal shower to the wedding day, follow my four part series that includes insider tips to being the very best MOH. If you are looking to add some extra fun in your bachelorette party or bridal shower check out my last post about adding personal sentiments.

Now, traditionally the MOH will give a speech about the bride during the wedding reception. Most people dread this, but here are some tips on how to nail the big speech!


The MOH Speech

I found that it was best to break down your speech into parts, kind of like how one would organize an essay with an introduction, body, and end. If you don’t know how to start, you can always skip to writing the end or middle. The introduction is an opportune time to lead into how you first met and your relationship with the bride. You can start with an inside joke or story and then in the middle part of your speech you can elaborate more. Do not forget to introduce yourself and thank important people such as the bride and groom or the parents of the bride and groom. In the body of your speech you can now elaborate on your relationship with the bride. From there you can transition into how the bride and groom first met, details about the groom, and bring it full circle to a glimpse of their lives currently and their future lives together. To conclude, people often offer advice or wishes to the bride and groom. Then comes the easy part toasting and congratulating the newly weds!

Another important tip is to practice, practice, practice.  This is especially helpful if you do not like public speaking. I suggest practicing in front of a mirror and in person to someone. When you practice make sure you time yourself. Studies show you start to lose people’s attention after 5 minutes.  Have enough content to where its not too short and be prepared to cut parts you don’t need. 

Not really into the traditional speeches? Spice it up! Many people are skipping the speech part by creating poems or singing along to a song. Feel free to use props or add a slide show. Even grab audience participation. 

Some things to avoid… I see it many times where the speech starts off about the bride and it ends up being about the MOH or it even becomes somewhat of a roast of the bride or groom. Remember, it’s the bride and grooms day. Don’t try too hard to make a joke happen or add vulgar stories. Also, I do not suggest “winging it”. Even if you write  brief note cards it is always better to come prepared. Keep in mind the alcohol maybe flowing and your nerves can get the best of you at the time.

bridesmaid-toast-tipsIf all else fails my recipe to make a great speech is just this- keep it simple and speak from the heart. Funny or serious this is a special moment where you can share how much the bride means to you. Now raise your glass and toast cause you just finished your big speech! Join me next on my last post to conclude my four part series.


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