January 11, 2017

Rockin’ Your Role as a Maid of Honor Part IV

The big day has finally arrived! Welcome to the final installment to wrap up my series. From the bridal shower to the wedding day my four part series includes insider tips to being the very best MOH. If it’s your first time here check out my very first post about staying organized. To share from my first hand experience, last year my best friend asked me to assist her into her next journey as she went from Miss to Mrs.  We had been friends for 12 years and I always hoped that I would be beside her on her special day. After I got asked I really had no idea where to start so a lot of my experience was from trial and error. Here are some last pieces of advice before and leading up to the real big day.

To reiterate some MOH duties can include: planning the bridal shower, planning the bachelorette party, being there for all dress appointments, keeping track of the bridal shower gifts, and letting everyone know where she is registered. I found The Knot’s detailed list of MOH duties quite helpful.

With buying dresses, airline tickets, shoes, or decor being a MOH can really add up. When decorating for the shower or bachelorette party check out coupons or running specials especially for decor places like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Download apps like Retale or GeoQpons to check out special offers at multiple locations.

Also don’t pay full price on that MOH dress just yet! Grab the style and color number and look it up on Poshmark first. Another money saving tip is to ask to share the bridal shower expense with the bride’s mom or aunt. I took care of decor, invites, and games while the bride’s mom took care of drinks and food.

I found that many can get confused with the gifts for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Usually the risque items i.e. lingerie is given to the bride during her bachelorette party.

On the wedding day, be prepared as the MOH to carry bride’s bouquet during the ceremony as well as her own.  If the bride’s bouquet is very luscious,  you can pass your own bouquet down to the bridesmaid next to you so you can hold the brides. If you think it will be an emotional ceremony, I really suggest stuffing tissues in between the spaces of your hand and bouquet, trust me, the tissues really come in handy for both the bride and the groom.

The bride has picked you to be apart of her special day. She has selected you because you two share a special bond. It should not be a role that is taken lightly, but do not take it too seriously either. At some weddings I see MOH’s fuss over insignificant issues. If the bride is having fun so should you! Leave the rest up to the wedding coordinators. (#hireaplanner see the YJ packages here.)

Finally, what I learned from being a maid of honor, that no one tells you, is that you will not only be the bride’s friend, but you will be her therapist, coach, professional makeup artist, etc. anything to ensure the bride has the best day ever!











I hope readers take away some helpful information to guide them through their role as a Maid or Matron of Honor. You will be rocking your MOH role in no time! Now pop the champagne and have some fun with the bride!


Yours Always,


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