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I have been planning events and starting small businesses for as long as I can remember! My first business was Little Elf wrapping and I somehow convinced my family to pay me to wrap all the Christmas presents including my own. I still love to wrap a beautiful gift. I have undergraduate degrees in advertising and public relations and a masters of science in Leadership as well as an MBA. My job has combined my passion for all types of visual design with my love of building and developing teams.   At my core, I am a storyteller and I love curating a day or weekend that subtle tells a couples love story.  Additionally I am a Director on the national board for the Wedding International Professional Association (WIPA), I do a little consulting for creative entrepreneurs and I love cuddling with my dog Pepper. 

I never leave home without…

A stylish pair of sunnies and a bold lip.

a typical day for me looks like… 

Honestly it feels like there are no typical days, which I love! The one thing I never miss is snuggle time with my dog Pepper. She is a great Netflix binge buddy.  

best vacation I ever took…

So far, Paris is my favorite place. There is plenty to do, plenty to eat and oh my gosh the shopping! I have been a few times and every time it's just as magical. Honestly, I am happy exploring any far away destination. Travel fuels my soul. 


I am an Arizona native and love everything about this beautiful state. From the gorgeous weather, to our sports teams- Go Cards & Suns- to amazing restaurants there is so much to do and see in this state. I am a mom to my daughter Addison and 3 dogs Boldin, Dakota, and Copper. My husband Ryan and I have been together 14 years- he is one of my biggest cheerleaders in business and life! I went to school in Flagstaff Arizona and have my degree in Merchandising and Visual Communications. I have always loved beautiful things and making the transition from retail, to corporate retail events, to finding weddings was the perfect fit. When Ashley and I got together over 8 years ago we dreamt of a team that truly cares about their couples love stories, making their events unique, and cultivating an atmosphere within the team and the weddings that is compassionate and fun!

I never leave home without...

A Starbucks tumbler full of water, dark sunnies, and chapstick- I am an AZ girl after all and these are basically essentials!

My favorite part of the wedding day is…

Sending the couple down the aisle! I love being with the bride or groom, reminding them to breathe, and enjoy the moment before the full day begins! It goes by so quickly so I want them to be sure to take it all in!

when I’m hosting…

You can find all the snacks, wine, and possibly a shot of fireball! I love having the doors open, fire pit on, and a great playlist. The night will most likely end up in a game night of some kind as I may be slightly competitive!


I am originally from Southern California, but call myself an Arizonian now after living over half of my life here. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and knew that I wanted to have a career that would allow me to be creative, challenge my thought process, and be different everyday, luckily I found my place here at Your Jubilee! Along with my passion and love for designing and coordinating weddings, I also have experience in the tech world, as a Material Specialist, for an international technology distributor.

I never leave home without…

My phone, water, or chapstick. 

I always start the day with...

I love to start my days with a cup of coffee, and end them with an occasional glass of red wine. For four years, I worked as a barista/broista for both Starbucks and Dutch Bros- so I may have a slight caffeine addiction. Along with coffee and wine pulling at my hearts strings, my true love is with my pups and my husband, Josh. We have Liddo- our rescue pup who is our small, snuggly, and little but mighty guy, and then Polo- our English Cream Golden who is the most handsome, sweetest big love bug.

best vacation I ever took…

Was my Honeymoon! My husband, Josh, and I were able to take a 10 day trip to the Maldives in an overwater bungalow that had the most beautiful sunrise view that we have ever seen. It was even better because at the time there were only a few other couples on the island we were at, so we practically had a whole island to ourselves. Any vacation, or free time, with my Hubby is the best vacation though!


I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management & Marketing from Grand Canyon University. While in college, I fell in love with events when I was working as a Junior Event Planner for the University. I have always been a planner in every role I have been in. Wedding planning became the perfect opportunity to not only use my planning skills, but also my love of creating pretty & memorable moments for couples. 

I never leave home without…

A snack. Usually a protein bar!

a typical day for me looks like...

Waking up & working out in the morning. After a workout, I usually make a cup of coffee & get ready. Once I get ready, I have breakfast & get to work! After work, I come home, have dinner, then put on Friends to end my day. 

my signature design style includes...

Vintage elegance. I love incorporating different gold textures mixed with lots of candles & gorgeous florals!


After I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) with a Bachelor’s of Science, my wedding planning career took off! I interned abroad for a summer in Ireland for a wedding blog, which sparked my love for all things weddings. From then it has consumed my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

my favorite part of the wedding day is...

When the couple sees all their planning and decor come to life!

best vacation I ever took...

Was sailing around the Amalfi Coast a few summers ago with my family. The language, the food, the wine…that’s amore! 

I find inspiration in...

All things fashion!


My background is…in creating the best days for others. I have both my Bachelors and Masters degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. I have been a First Grade and Kindergarten teacher for the past 9 years. Through working with little ones, I've learned a lot about my own creativity, time management, details, and running events. After planning and coordinating my own wedding, I knew I wanted to take the risk in pursuing my love for the wedding industry and decided to join the Your Jubilee team! Since then, my love for weddings and producing events has grown more than I could have imagined. 

my signature fashion style includes

High-waisted pants with a cute t-shirt.

when I'm hosting...

I'll be the bartender and make the best mixed drinks!

best vacation I ever took…

Any time I get to travel to Canada to see my twin sister!


After graduating from Grand Canyon University I began my career in teaching elementary school. Although I have grown throughout the last five years as a second grade teacher, I quickly realized that although I loves teaching, my true passion is event planning. Teaching has honed my skills in organization, leadership, and quick thinking- all highly valuable when it comes to wedding planning. I love to bring my couple's vision to life and create a magical day that is full of sweet moments. On my days off, you can catch me spending time outside hiking or laying by the pool. I love to go to happy hour with friends and try new restaurants near my home in Downtown Phoenix. 

I never leave home without...

My hydro! I am constantly sippin’ to stay hydrated in this AZ heat. It is covered with stickers from places I’ve traveled to. 

my signature fashion style includes…

A sundress and sandals! I love a simple, flowy dress with my Tory Burches paired with a watch (always) and a cute pair of earrings! 

currently reading...

I love suspenseful mysteries! I am currently reading...And Then She Was Gone. Go grab a copy now, you won’t be able to put it down. 


I have a Bachelor’s in Communication and minor in Business Administration from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!). I was born and raised on the east coast but fell in love with the desert sun and have been here ever since. I’ve always had a creative eye but it wasn’t until college that I truly found my passion in events and weddings. Becoming President of my Sorority was a real turning point in my career in the event planning world. Not only did I get to help be a part of the fun design proposals I also learned the ins and outs of contract management and negotiation. Diving headfirst into the wedding industry has brought me such happiness and gratefulness to get to do what I love most. There is nothing like seeing a couple’s love come to life.

I never leave home without...

My accessories. Whether that’s my rings or a fun pair of sunglasses. I always feel lost without my rings or necklace. I am the girl with 50 pairs of sunglasses...you have to have one for every occasion!

my signature fashion style includes…

A bit extra at times, but always sophisticated and elegant with a pop of color.

best vacation I ever took...

A school art trip to Paris and Barcelona. Got to see every major museum and all of the beautiful architecture. My favorite place besides the Eiffel Tower was heading to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s breathtaking property. I’ve always been inspired by his artwork so to see and walk through the locations of a few of his most famous paintings was such an honor.


my signature design style includes...

Nudes, greenery, and gold accents. I have a very modern taste for design and love being able to run with it. Having such minimalistic designs to start makes adding a couple's personal touch to it all the more fun and easy to work off of!

my favorite part of the wedding day is…

First looks! If you’re looking for a sign to do a first look with your dad, siblings, bridesmaids, groom, etc., DO IT! It is such an intimate moment with the bride and her loved ones right before the rest of the guests see that makes for the sweetest memories down the road. 

I enjoy cooking...

The best pesto grilled cheese you’ll ever have.

I have a bachelors in Fashion, minor in Women & Gender Studies, and a masters in Retail Merchandising…I know, a handful! As you can expect, I have a true passion for fashion and design. This creative strive, along with my love for love, has led me to Your Jubilee! While having leadership positions in my sorority in college and past jobs, it taught me all about time management, thorough coordination, and efficient communication. Starting off as an intern for YJ a couple years back has only made my energetic spirit grow for this company and the couples we work with. Nothing is more important than bringing their creative dreams to life in the best, stress-free way possible. And if you see me crying during your wedding…no you didn’t!


Meet Ashley, a seasoned event planner and marketer with a passion for creating unforgettable moments. From a young age, entreprenurship was second nature to Ashley.  At nine years old she started "Little Elf Wrapping," where she skillfully convinced family members to pay for her to  gift wrap (even her own) gifts during the holiday season.  

Armed with a dual degree in advertising and PR, Ashley initially embarked on a journey that led to the dynamic world of event management. The path took her from Arizona to California, and back again while she orchestrated impactful events for notable organizations. Despite the success, Ashley felt a yearning for something more—enter wedding planning.

After a serendipitous happy hour, Ashley and Meagan decided to merge their love for events and storytelling. This synergy birthed a shared dream as they founded Your Jubilee Weddings. Now, Ashley weaves narratives into celebrations, adding that extra layer of magic that transforms events into unforgettable stories.

But her journey doesn't stop there. A passion for education led her to shaping the minds of the future as an adjunct marketing professor at Grand Canyon University.

In every endeavor, Ashley brings a unique blend of creativity, business acumen, and a love for helping other grow. When she isn't in work mode, Ashley loves to travel, snuggle with her Wheatador Pepper and enjoys a good French wine.  


Meagan is a creative wedding planner and one of the proud owners of Your Jubilee. With a heart captivated by the allure of custom, curated luxury events, she and her team have carved a niche in the industry as true leaders in custom celebrations. Driven by an innate love for crafting unique experiences, Meagan embarked on her journey in the world of weddings with a determination to turn dreams into reality. Her degree in Merchandising and Visual Communication helped her meticulous attention to detail and creative flair shine. Meagan loves people and her approach lies in her commitment to understanding the distinct personalities and stories of each couple she works with. This personalized touch results in meticulously curated events that reflect the essence of the individuals involved. 

Meagan not only envisions and leads extraordinary events, but also channels her passion into leading and training a dynamic team. With a belief that every member of the team plays a crucial role in the success of an event, Meagan helps foster a collaborative and empowering environment. Her leadership style is a perfect blend of inspiration, guidance, and fun, encouraging each team member to bring their unique talents to the table. Her “glass half full” attitude helps deliver direction with enthusiasm and positive energy with her team and her couples.  
Meagan loves the beautiful state of Arizona where she lives with her husband and daughter. She is a red wine connoisseur and lover of a competitive game night. 


The creative force behind Ryann Lindsey Photography and RyLi.Co.

As a renowned luxury international wedding and brand photographer, she captures timeless moments and creates compelling content. Ryann has travelled the world photographing luxury weddings which has earned her a place in publications such as People, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, Golf Weekly, NY Post and dozens more. Her brand photography has allowed her to work with brands such as Birdie Bee and WWE, Bella Belle Shoes, Susie Saltzman, Sourced Co, LA Fitness and more. As an educator she has hosted several workshops, spoken at various conferences, and pours her heart and soul into any one she mentors. Her passion for education is fueled by her love for helping others find their "uncommon you". When she is not working she spends her time traveling, being outdoors and loving on her sweet pup Ginger.