May 2, 2018

Packing Hacks for Your Summer Getaway!

Hey! It’s Ellie Sanders here again, and the recent increase in the weather has got me planning all sorts of out-of-town trips for this summer! If you’re anything like me, packing for a trip can be a real chore. I struggle with stuffing everything I might need for the weekend neatly into one bag. To ease the packing load, I did some digging online for helpful packing tips to share!

For keeping necklace chains separated…

Unhook the necklace and place one side of the necklace chain into a plastic, disposable straw. Once the necklace chain is inside the straw, reattach the necklace hook. Repeat with the next necklace you want to pack. This is a great way to keep delicate chains from tangling inside of your suitcase! I’ve used this trick before, and I also then put each necklace into its own plastic bag for even safer keeping.

For the separation and safekeeping of small items…

Put each item into a separate compartment in a weekly pill organizer. This trick works great for packing earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair ties! I rarely travel with my nicer pairs of earrings because I worry they’ll get lost along the way. This trick is genius, and I’m definitely going to try it on my next vacay.

For keeping electronic cords in line…

Clasp the cords together with a binder clip! I’ve never tried this one, but I definitely will! I keep multiple sets of earbuds in my purse and it can be so pesky to have to untangle them. This trick will also work for laptop cords and phone chargers! If you’ve got some binder clips laying around, test this hack out!

I can’t wait to try these packing hacks and see if it changes my attitude towards packing! I hope these tricks are helpful for you, too! Talk to you soon!





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