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Your Jubilee is here to help make your celebration dreams become a reality! We want you to have a day unlike any other. Your event, especially your wedding, should be filled with excitement and joy. Our primary goal is to seamlessly make your vision come to life. With a combined 10+ years of experience in weddings and events, Your Jubilee will help you create a celebration everyone will be talking about.

We live by one simple motto, LIFE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED          

As a little girl her stuffed animals enjoyed over the top tea parties as she began sketching ideas for her own wedding by age 9. Her passion for design only grew as she collected binders of fashion, event and style inspiration- that now fill a shelf in her closet. With a dual degree in advertising and public relations, Ashley naturally gravitated towards events. After spending a couple years working on private and corporate events then planning her own wedding, she knew she was ready to dive deeper. In the nonprofit event world, Ashley worked on events that ranged from 20 to 5,000 attendees in both Arizona and California. With a desire to own their own business, Ashley and Meagan partnered up and Your Jubilee was born! Today, as Co-Owner and Event Stylist, she loves watching a client’s dream event come to life and thrives on finding creative ways to make your event absolutely one of a kind. When she isn’t dreaming up the perfect tablescape, Ashley likes to watch old movies, redecorate her home, spend time with family and friends and check out locally owned shops and restaurants.

What is one quote you live by? “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done, than regret the things I haven’t done.” – Lucille Ball

What is your favorite part about coordinating events? For me, it’s about the stories, whether it’s the couple that met through a friend, online or are rekindling a high school romance, I just adore hearing our couples love stories. The passion a couple has as they tell their story is such a testament to the honesty of their love. It such a beautiful reminder that every couple has lived their very own fairytale, and we get to be a part of the magic.

Ashley has always loved to throw a good party.

Meet Ashley

co-owner and principle planner

she looks forward to celebrating life’s big moments with you. Her passion for style and event coordination sparked while getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising and Visual Communication at Northern Arizona University. While there she executed fashion shows, fundraising events, and campus socials. She knew she had found her niche and wanted to create beautiful events to help others celebrate life’s big moments. More recently, she has taken this passion to help plan and coordinate events for high-end retail corporations in Arizona. Meagan’s vast background is what brings creativity and style to every Your Jubilee event. As a native to Arizona, Meagan enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her husband and 3 dogs, and Arizona Cardinals football! Meagan looks forward to working with you and helping you create Your Jubilee.

What is one quote you live by? “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” – Coach Jim Valvano

What is your favorite part about coordinating events? My favorite part is the people! I love our YJ Brides & Grooms and love hearing their story. Throughout the entire planning process it is fun to see them react to the amazing food during the tastings or get giddy when they begin the hunt for their perfect venue. To see their love unfold for each other and the families love for them on their wedding day is what pushed me to create a unique and memorable event for our couples.

Meagan is a true lover and love

Meet Meagan

co-owner and principle planner

Anna always likes to bring the energy and fun to wherever she’s at! She truly thrives on establishing relationships and collaborating with others to make a vision come true. The proud Sun Devil graduated from the WP Carey School of Business at ASU with a degree in Business and a Special Events certificate. Working in hotels, she began realizing her true passion always came back to event designing and planning. She landed a dream internship with Your Jubilee, and after earning additional growth opportunities, she was more than ecstatic to continue on with the team. With her positive outlook, Anna never sees anything as an obstacle and enjoys challenges where she can use her creative juices. Like the YJ motto “Life should be celebrated”, Anna loves to celebrate any and every special occasion big or small. When she’s not being the hostess with the mostest, Anna enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, karaoking, and spending quality time with friends and family. Her goal for the couples she works with is to not only provide them with professional service, but for them to know they have a friend to support them through the process.

Who inspires you most? I would have to say my mom is my true role model. From her I learned quickly what hard work, motivation, and commitment can result in. I strive to be just as fierce yet patient and loving as her.

If you could high five anyone, who would it be? It’s a tie! I would love to high five Ellen Degeneres and then do a quick little boogie with her. Not only does she have killer dance moves, but she is philanthropic and hilarious! She just goes to show, that it’s okay to be true to yourself. I would also love to high five Harry Potter. I believe the world would be better place if there was more magic and kindness. I am obsessed with anything Harry Potter related. How obsessed? On a scale of 1- 10..9 and ¾.

How would you spend an ideal day off with no financial limits? Catch me eating gelato and pasta in a gondola floating down Italy’s canals. Salute! Grazie!

Don't let her small size fool you,

Meet anna

Senior planner and designer

by spreading her positive attitude. She believes that moments filled with happiness are the ones that you’re going to remember forever. Amanda graduated from the University of Arizona: Bear Down! She spent her 4 years there holding positions as event coordinators and directors for her sorority and honoraries. While studying her degree in Physiology, she found that her true passion was for event planning, no one else was surprised. After graduation, Amanda landed a dream internship with YJ and felt right at home with the team. She loved how she was quickly able to incorporate her own twist on event planning and design. When Amanda isn’t working to make a special celebration, you can find her hanging with her four-legged best friend, her pup, Colby Jack. Her goal when working with her couples is to provide them with someone who is always there to help and make things run smoothly so you guys can enjoy your moments.

How would you spend an ideal day off with no financial limits? I love to travel so this changes in my mind depending on what I’m feeling. But right now I would spend my day in Portland. It seems so quirky and right up my alley of places to visit. Plus when people are there they always post pictures of food, I’m into that.

Who is your go-to band or artist when can’t decide on something to listen to? I don’t have a specific artist, but when I don’t know what to listen to I always find myself turning on late 2000s R&B like Ne-Yo and young Chris Brown. Love them.

What is your favorite part of a wedding? My favorite part of a wedding is the toasts. I can feel the love in the room when the couple has their loved ones share stories, laughs, and advice. It always makes me so happy in those moments to see not only how much the couple love each other, but how loved the couple is by others.

Amanda loves putting smiles on others faces

Meet Amanda

planner and designer

Hayley thrives on creating unique & memorable experiences. Hayley runs on coffee, determination & coffee. She has an intense passion for traveling the world, but also loves hosting wine nights at home with friends. She truly believes that any bad day can be fixed by a little laughter and delicious dessert. Hayley graduated from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business in 2017, with degrees in marketing and management. In her last semester of college, she decided to stray from the typical marketing internship, to try her hand at event planning with YJ. Needless to say, she was hooked. Hayley loves collaborating with her team of girl bosses to create and execute unforgettable events for her couples. She’s always working to better herself as a planner, while constantly building her knowledge about the flourishing wedding industry. Hayley feels extremely blessed that she has found her niche as a planner, and is always excited to see what the next event has in store.

What is one quote you live by? “She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.”

How would you spend an ideal day off with no financial limits? Private jet to Paris, shopping on the Champs-Élysées, macaroons and champagne by the Eiffel Tower & dinner overlooking the city. Too much?

Who inspires you most? I am inspired by people who create their own success. I have always felt that it’s so important to work hard for what you want. No one is going to do it for you.

Not one to be deterred by a challenge

Meet hayley

planner and designer

out of life's little moments. Shelby looks for any reason to throw a party, whether that be turning a simple dinner party into a night to remember, she puts her all into her events. No detail is too small to incorporate and it makes every event more personal! Shelby has been in the hospitality industry for the past few years and loves when her two jobs collide. Creating memorable events has been a passion of Shelby’s for as long as she remembers! When she’s not hustling on the weekends, you can find Shelby eating brunch on Saturday mornings and watching football on Sundays.

Where do you want to travel next? My Bucket List is pretty extensive but I want to visit Europe as soon as possible! Italy and Greece have been on my list forever and I am determined to get there. Anywhere I can I experience amazing Food + Wine is at the top!

What is your favorite part about a wedding? My favorite part about our weddings is seeing everything come together. Starting with a blank canvas and filling it with so much beauty is indescribable. Those few minutes at the end of a long setup, seeing the magic come together is what I love!

What is one quote you live by? “Simplicity carried to the extreme, becomes elegance” –My Mom

Shelby makes big celebrations...

Meet shelby

planner and designer

every moment in life! Our lives are filled with so many accomplishments, milestones and moments that they should all be something to be remembered. Taylor thrives on organizing, planning and bringing creativity to the business side of things which led her to her degree in Business Management from Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business. Lopes Up! In Taylor’s free time you can catch her playing with any animal she can find. She even has her own little hedgehog, Huxley, who has made an appearance or two with Your Jubilee. So feel free to add a little furry friend to your big day, she won’t mind! When she has the chance she love to travel too, passport is always in hand and there is always time to pack a quick bag. Why not when it’s a 5 hour drive to Disneyland or a 3 hour drive to the beach? Even though she has yet to walk down the isle herself she loves to live through the moment and make our YJ couples visions come to life. Creating the happiest day for the bride and groom, finding what makes each couple unique to make their day truly about them, is what she strives for.

What is one quote you live by? “I may not dig what you dig, but I dig that you dig it” – Anonymous

Who is your go to band or artist when can’t decide on something to listen to? Drake, especially his Take Care album on repeat, and oldy but a goody!

What is your favorite part of a wedding? My favorite part of a wedding is when the bride and groom exchange their vows and come together as one. The commitment that couples take to love each other, take care of one another, and to go through all of life with each other is something so special and sweet. Through their vows you get a peek of their relationship and how deeply rooted their love is. Father daughter dances are always a good tear jerker too.

Taylor loves to find a reason to celebrate...

Meet Taylor

planner and designer