March 22, 2016

Not Your Average Easter Egg

cactus eggs pineapple eggs

We decided to bring back FRAFTING (food +crafting =frafting… it’s totally a thing!)  and have a little fun with our Easter eggs this year.  Instead of just dying them vibrant colors or covering them with glitter (which seems like a pretty YJ thing to do), we decided to make them into cacti and pineapples.  Why cacti and pineapples?   Simple,  we love anything that reminds of our homeland AZ and pineapples are our favorite fruit (they are sweet on the inside and always wear a crown!)

These eggs were easy, fun and our significant others say a conversation starter at lunch!  Give your eggs a desert or tropical vibe this year with our easy tutorial!

what you need

PINEAPPLE EGGS                                          BARREL CACTUS EGGS
-Hard Boiled Eggs                                          -Hard Boiled Eggs
-Yellow Egg Dye                                            -Green Egg Dye
-Gold Permanent Marker                            -Black permanent marker (Fine tip)
-Green Pipe Cleaners                                   -3D flower stickers
-Hot Glue Gun

For display or just for fun,  we recommend the mini terra cotta pots and saucers.

what to do

First dye the eggs,  we love these self contained dye kits, although, maybe we weren’t patient enough but we wanted a more vibrant color.  Don’t be afraid to add extra food coloring if you want.  Also when you are gathering your supplies, don’t forget the vinegar.
IMG_6656  IMG_6652

We dyed all our eggs either green or yellow.  Then used permanent marker to draw on our pineapple design and cactus needles. Get creative and try different designs!


Next we had to top them off.  For the cacti, we just used some pretty easily adhesive flowers.


For the pineapples, we made stems out of pipecleaners.  By cutting them and twisting them together, it was easy to use a dab of hot glue to secure them to the tops of the eggs.



What you get is an adorable Pineapple or Cactus, perfect for your decorating your Easter table or eating.  Plus, these could be a fun protien packed addition to a lunch box all year long!




Have a frafting idea you want us to try?  Leave a comment below!  If you try these for yourself, besure to use #yjlife so we can see your creations!

Happy Frafting!


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