June 5, 2019

Ep. 31: Meant To Be A Wedding Planner with Tasha Miller

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Today, we welcome to the podcast Tasha Miller. Tasha is a wedding planner with Meant2Be events. She knew she has wanted to be a wedding planner since the age of thirteen and made her dream into a reality. Tasha talks about her experience in wedding planning, tough situations throughout her life, and what makes her truly happy. She is an amazing person who took her defeats and turned them into triumphs.


Tasha originally wanted to get into weddings because when she was thirteen, her father passed away and from that point on, she always wanted to be surrounded by happiness. She had to do a project in school where she had to explain what she wanted to do when she was older. As Tasha was watching TV, she saw a wedding and knew everyone was happy at weddings.

As a thirteen year old, she decided to craft together a portfolio of all magazine and article photos since there was nowhere to search on the internet for it yet. She refers to it as a “scrapbook” or a “photo album”. After Tasha graduated high school, she went through a certification program and then worked at venue for a very long time. She met Regina at a wedding venue where they automatically clicked. They eventually partnered up and that is how she ended up at Meant2Be events.


Her favorite thing about weddings is listening to how the couple fell in love, their story, and making sure her clients vision becomes a reality. Another important part to Tasha is being apart of how the families interact especially the father and daughter. She will never get to experience what it is like to have a father daughter dance and vicariously lives through her clients.

Tasha’s biggest challenge when working on weddings is that some party members make it about themselves and do not understand the couple’s vision for the day of. Family dynamics add many emotions and layers to a wedding that might not be necessary.


Tasha was married in 2010 and got divorced in 2015. It was an extremely hard time. She did not give up on love and tried to make everything work, but she knew she was not happy with her life and needed to make a change. There was no reciprocation of love and no mutual respect. Tasha started over by getting divorced, quitting her job, moving back in with her mother, and did all of this because she needed to find herself again. The whole experience made her a stronger person and everything is supposed to happen for a reason. She found her passion and decides to embrace love and happiness.

Her boyfriend, who she met through the wedding industry, is a wedding photographer. They worked together on a wedding prior to when they started dating. He noticed her engagement ring was gone and asked her where it was. She lied and said it was getting resized but felt guilty after lying and decided to tell him the truth about the divorce. He went through one himself and was very comforting to know someone else went through the same experience.


She decides not to refer her boyfriend to couples or try to sway their options because it is not fair to the couple and they need to create their own vision without other people’s opinions. She will give them a full list of photographers or any vendors that she truly believes in and they can make their decisions from there.

Since they are both in the same industry, her boyfriend understands if her schedule changes or if she is later than she said she was going to be because the event industry has such a hectic schedule. Planners’ weekends are usually on the weekdays because everyone wants their wedding on the weekend.

Tasha’s number one tip to clients is take in the moments, enjoy being engaged, continue to go on dates, enjoy every single part of your wedding day. It is easy to get caught up in the hecticness of the day but it is important to look around and enjoy every single moment. People say, “Where did they day go?” because it goes that fast.


One thing that people do not expect from Tasha is that she is a minimalist. She loves to organize and clean whatever she possible can. Only being 5’1”, she loves her shoe closet because it is filled with tall heels.


Tasha also is a huge fan of crossfit. Her boyfriend introduced her to this form of workout. She said she was forty pounds overweight, eating bad options for meals, and not feeling confident with herself. He convinced her to give it a try and coincidentally knew the owners of the gym. They consider it “training for wedding season” because it helps planners lift the heavy things when working a wedding.

Crossfit builds a high while building a crossfit family that keeps you accountable. Tasha has been doing crossfit for almost four years. There is consistently new people joining her classes and everyone is at different levels which makes it more comfortable as well. Crossfit helps build a different strength and confidence. The community helps create a support system that is like no other.


Tasha celebrates her life by looking at the positive and doing what makes her happy. She likes to focus on the simple things. These include just living, focusing on the beautiful things in life, and never taking moments for granted. She knows her dad died at a younger age and wants to make sure she is living life to the fullest because you never know when it is going to end.


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